Anti aging Medicine: A Step by Step Guide

There are lots products on the market wanting you to believe that they alone are all you need to fight off old age, but the old adage that simpler is better, holds true for anti aging medicine as well as in anything else. Thus, the best anti aging medicine is the least appealing, the un-sexiest product of all: a consistently balanced, healthy diet and exercise. Still, when you’ve got the diet and exercise part of your life under control, it may be time to add some other anti aging medicine anti aging medicines into the mix.

How to Choose the Best Anti aging Medicine for You

The easiest, healthiest way to choose the best anti aging medicine is by consulting your doctor. A ton of anti aging medicine products exist on the market and finding the right one, one that will help and not harm you is imperative. Most of them are called age prevention products and seek to boost your immune system to ward off old age. Still, we strongly recommend a doctor¬ís consultation despite the fact that most age preventing medicines are available over the counter. The possibility of a reaction to anti aging medicine is worth researching. Of course, it may not be the product itself, but the new product with something you are already taking presently could cause complications, which is why a doctor is the best person to direct you. The article does not address the difference between regular vitamins and whole foods vitamins, but if you’ve not had success with regular vitamins, you should definitely look into taking whole foods vitamins.

Most anti aging medicines work by boosting your immune system through antioxidants, which remove free radicals from you blood thus preventing them from damaging cells, preventing premature aging. Thus, a regular, daily supplement of vitamins heavy on the antioxidants is a logical anti aging medicine. Of course, this is supplement and your basic anti aging medicine is eating well, fruits and vegetables, certain grains and kidney beans and al the lentils.

Some Other Anti aging Agents

One mustn’t forget that the environment plays a part in our aging. Be sure to wear sunscreen with a high ph every time you’re in the sun for more than fifteen minutes. Tans are still sexy, but they are not good for your skin and will age you rather quickly. This is important even on cloudy days and during the winter since UV or ultra-violet light is not respecter of cloud cover or seasons. The reason people get more skin damage in the summer is because they are typically outside more for longer durations of time not because the sun’s UV rays have lost any potency.

Hydration or water is another important factor to keep your skin from aging prematurely. Remember to consume 6-8 eight ounce glasses of water a day, and while coffee, tea, and soda are all liquids, they contain caffeine which dehydrates you and thus they do not count as water intake. Along the lines of hydration, people are often dehydrated in the winter because of heating units that dry-out the air. You should get a humidifier, preferably a cool mist humidifier, to counter-act this unpleasant side-effect of heating your home.

Helpful Tips: Step by Step

It all starts with you, but don’t try to do it all at once; you’ll probably fail if you try too much at once. Take it step by step. Start with looking at your diet. When you’ve removed the high fat and high sugar from you diet, take a look at your exercise habits. When you’ve added a practical exercise routine to your week, take a look at your vitamin intake. Then study your environment. Eventually, you’ll have removed the things quickening aging and see the clock turning back.

KJ King
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