Answering God’s Call

For many are called, but few are chosen

Matthew 22:14

The Drama of an Unhappy Life

Are you happy with the shape of your life? Are you finding it harder to go to work and feel like you are making a difference? As society pushes us to acquire more things in order to be happy, we become unhappy with life. Thus, this creates a social paradox that traps us. Yet, we can see other individuals who appear content with their situation. Their success is a testimony to the power of purpose. It is much easier to plan your life with the knowns instead of unknowns.

Recently, I met a couple who took on a spiritual cause instead of a traditional path. Dr. Chris Cunningham and his wife Dahlia started FireWorks International. It is a non-profit Christian media production company. The couple begins to implement their vision with their own money. In fact, they created the Redemptive Film Festival ( It is an international film festival aimed at providing a forum for filmmakers to showcase works that depict the redemptive purposes of God. Dr. Chris Cunningham, with more than 22 years in the media business, explains, “Our mission is to tell the story of the power of the Holy Spirit through all media and the preaching of the Gospel, so that people will know that through the finished work of Jesus, the Kingdom of God is alive…” Likewise, many folks are asking questions about their existence. Is it enough to exist? I declare it isn’t! In fact, having purpose in life is worth all the gold in Fort Knox. Do you feel under-utilized? I understand your situation. I have felt like that in some of the organizations where I worked—until I found that God had other meaningful things planned for me.

The Truth

You don’t have to wait on anything when you have a calling. In the medieval Christian period, it was believed that God called certain people and their work was a “calling.” This calling was usually reserved for the clergy and priest. This is not the case, now. You also have a calling when you realize what you can do with your God-given abilities. You can then take this journey toward your destiny.

There is something special about having a reason for existence. One of the most insightful books on this subject is Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, published in 1946. During his years as a prisoner in a Nazi death camp, Dr. Frankl developed a revolutionary approach to psychotherapy called logotheraphy. At the core of logotheraphy is the belief that man’s primary motivational force is his search for meaning. Dr. Frankl, an author and psychiatrist, had first-hand experience on suffering. His wife, father, mother, and brother all died in camps or were sent to the gas ovens. Only Frankl and his sister survived. How could Frankl go on when everything seemed to turn against him—loss of family and possessions, loss of dignity, mental and physical torture, and the constant threat of death?

Here are some questions to consider in your life:

  • Are you serious about finding your God-given calling?
  • Are you doing what God called you to do?
  • Do you have enough faith to accept the good with the bad?
  • Is there anything you’re willing to die for?
  • Can you be satisfied if you don’t find a meaningful existence?

A Different Living

With the potential of living an unhappy live, some people take desperate measures. According to one study, more than 30,000 Americans take their lives annually (more than three suicides for every two murders). Many of these people are unhappy with their lives. You are truly successful if you can answer God’s special calling. Individuals who can fully use all of their talents in a way that liberates them have made great contributions in society. You, however, have a responsibility to make the best of your life. Take an active role in your existence. You still have freedom to choose your direction in life. Follow God’s lead. Don’t wait!