Announcing Pregnancy – How you Will tell Your husband?

Thinking up creative ways to tell your husband that you are pregnant is always fun. There are endless unique ideas of how to tell him that you are expecting and they make the occasion so much more memorable. Take the time to tell your husband that you are pregnant in one of these creative ways and you’ll have a great story to tell your child when they grow up.

Paint Job
Make a quick run to the hardware store to pick up blue and pink paint swatches. Tape them to the wall in your future nursery and when your husband gets home bring him into the room and ask him which color would look better in this room.

Does your husband know you for always coming home with new shopping bags? This time come home with a new maternity outfit, try it on and say, “How do you think this looks on me? Of course it doesn’t fit quite yet, but in another nine months it will!”

Baby Blog
Are you two habitual bloggers? Starting a new blog to chronicle your pregnancy can be a great way to keep long distance friends and family up to date. Make your first post a picture of your positive pregnancy test then make sure to send the link to your husband first to let him know of your new adventure!

Grocery List
Call your husband at work and ask if he wouldn’t mind stopping at the store on his way home. Tell him you need some; saltines, ginger ale, decaf coffee, pickles and ice cream, non alcoholic beer, prenatal vitamins etc… If he still doesn’t get it add to the list some Parenting magazines, diapers, and baby food.

Vacation Time
Get out the calendar and tell your husband that you were hoping he could take a few weeks off in about nine months. Tell him you have a luxurious stay at your local hospital booked, complete with sleepless nights and regular bouts of spit up on your shoulders scheduled.

Rearview Mirror
If your husband is the first to leave for work sneak into his car and hang a pair of baby booties off the rear view mirror.

Sexy Mama
Who says you have to tell your husband that you’re pregnant in an innocent way? Try some ‘Sexy Mama’ undies to announce the news.

Pink and Blue Dessert
Ask your local baker to frost a few sugar cookies with pink and blue icing (if you don’t have time to do it yourself) and bring them on a plate to your husband after dinner. Let him choose if he thinks you are pregnant with a boy or girl.

Prayer time
If you and your husband say a nightly prayer together make sure to slip in a, “Bless our growing baby” and wait for the happy exclamations from your husband.

Kiss the Baby
Before your husband gives you his good night kiss tell him to ‘make sure to kiss the baby goodnight too’ and point to your belly.

However you may tell your husband about your pregnancy, it is sure to be a memorable moment for the both of you. Enjoy the nine months ahead!