Anger management Quiz

Managing anger is an art in itself. Expressing anger in the right way which does not hurt anybody is a skill. For that skill to develop we need to learn to manage our behavior. In worst cases you may take an expert’s help. There are questionnaires available on anger management which you may use from time to time to test your tolerance levels.

There are other ways of finding solution to this question. You can join anger management class or may contact a counselor. That helps to understand the causes of anger and if talk to somebody about your feelings the bad feeling may go on reducing. Anger management groups are also give very support by meeting of people having same problems. Their success stories will give encouragement. In this class many new things like group discussions, games and quiz are undertaken to change the behavioral pattern of clients. Anger management quiz is one technique to help the client to understand causes of his anger and the ways of expression. Whether you need this kind of participation with anger management class or not can be decided with help of quiz. Quiz may contain some questions which can be answered quickly by True or False method.

Questions are as follows.
* I am feeling irritable and cranky often
* I don’t want others to take my advantage.
* Angry out burst is my usual habit
* I could not enjoy the activities like games, sports, exercise because of anger
* I frequently argue with family and colleagues.
* I often feel unfairly treated
* I am often stressed and pressured.
* I think a lot about how to retaliate when I am criticized.
* I could not wait if somebody is not following traffic rules.
* Sometimes I am so angry that I want to hit someone.

You have to give honest answers of such questions. When you answer such questions you are assessing yourself. While thinking about the answers you will find your inner feelings and how they affect others. If you understand the causes of your anger it is better to find out the solution. You can avoid such situations which makes you angry.

If answers to more than 3 questions are true then you might need the help of counseling. Some times children with learning disability may be angry because of their problem. In such cases quiz can be used to find out whether they anger management techniques or not.