Angel Theme Wedding

Angel Wedding Theme: Beyond the Celestial

There were just two dreams that young girls had: it is either to be a princess in a fairy tale land or to be an earth-bound angel. Why not make these dreams come true during your wedding? (Of course, not literally)

What makes angels so good for a wedding theme is that they project a beauty that could not be gathered through another idea. Normally, an angel wedding theme projects a more solemn atmosphere if taken in its fullest sense. The wings, the overflowing gowns, the whole concept itself makes the occasion extra special.

Normally, an angel theme wedding ceremony is done in a church with high-vaulted ceiling with arches that soar over stained glass windows. All these contribute to the heavenly feeling that is integrated throughout the ceremony.

The decors
It would be a good idea to recreate the church or the place of ceremony into something that projects divine atmosphere. You might use small lights on a white or gold string to provide nice little sources of sparks. This would work well specially during evening or late afternoon. Or, you could fashion the reception into a miniature heaven wherein several ornaments that could project this theme are incorporated.

Say, you can add bare branches of trees with sparkles of white and gold to help accentuate the reception. Several pieces of angels could also be suspended from the ceiling.

The bride
To match your wedding theme, you could wear something ethereal and white. For your gown, you could use a design that resembles a elf’s dress like the ones seen in the Lord of the Rings or you can follow the flowing art of a Greek or Roman costume. Only, be sure that your gown would look like the ones we see in art depictions of angels.

Instead of a veil, you can recreate it into a lovely, blue garland that would embrace a curly or wavy hair arrangement. Make sure also that your make-up is somewhat subtle so it would only accentuate your face but would not totally define your beauty.

The groom
Typically, the groom would wear an-all white tuxedo with shades of colors that are similar with that used for the bride’s gown. However, if you want to take it further, you could exchange a white tuxedo for a white male dress worn by ancient Greeks or Romans. However, if the bride chooses to wear something that resembles those of a fairy’s dress, you must match it with a costume that projects the same concept.

The wings
It would be great if you could ask someone to make wonderful wings to pair with your theme wedding. However, you must be very careful with the use of this component. Using art, you could also divert it’s use on something else like for wedding favors, wedding cakes or anything except the true wings we see behind each angel.

Crucial to any forms of angel theme wedding is the use of silhouettes and images that portray heaven or a communion of angels. Whenever possible, you must give emphasis on this main component. However, you must also be very watchful so as not to limit your creativity towards the use of images but also refashion them into materials that would imply the theme.

So, good luck then with your angel wedding theme. May the ceremony be the start of witnessing a spiritual union.