Anemia Treatment Keep it Simple and Safe

Anemia comes from Greek, literally meaning “without blood.” This is a pretty good description. Although people suffering from anemia have the same volume of liquid pumping around their bodies as non-anemic people, the thing that makes blood what it is is lacking: hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein contained in red-blood cells that gives blood its color and, more importantly, helps transports oxygen around the body. The cause of anemia could be any number of mineral deficiencies, and the treatment of anemia is usually targeted at replacing these.

One of the most commonly occurring forms of anemia is iron-deficiency anemia. The best anemia treatment for this is, predictably, to take more iron. In fact, anemia symptoms will probably clear up very quickly after taking iron supplements. So that’s it, right?

Well, to be honest, yes – but there are a number of other things that need to be kept in mind to make sure anemia treatment with iron is effective and safe.

Iron-Deficiency Anemia Treatment

Anemia treatment usually includes a change of diet for most people to more fruits, green vegetables, lean meat, beans, blackstrap molasses and whole-grain products. Dried fruit like figs, apricots and prunes as well as seaweed and yams are also good in maintaining good levels of iron in the body. Whereas iron supplements can be used in the direct treatment of anemia, a good diet can often help prevent the condition.

Guidelines for taking Iron Supplements
Vitamin C is known to aid iron absorption, so taking this vitamin along with iron increases the effectiveness of anemia treatment. In addition, avoid tea or coffee, milk, soy and eggs as these inhibit the effective absorption of iron into the body.

Take care to never exceed the dosage of iron given on the supplement bottle, or recommended to you by your physician. There have been instances in anemia treatment where iron supplements have caused some side-effects, such as heartburn, constipation and tummy upsets. These are rare, but in case you notice any problems while undergoing anemia treatment, cease taking iron and make sure your doctor knows about it straightaway. A few more tips for anemia treatment using iron:

1 .It helps if you start with smaller dosages of iron and increase it slowly so your system gets used to it.
2 .Anemia treatment with supplements means you should up the fiber intake in your diet and make sure you take the supplements with food.
3 .Try and avoid taking supplements for the treatment of anemia at night in case it brings on problems.
4 .If you encounter any problems, inform your doctor immediately