Anabolic Supplement – Buyer beware

Every year millions of Americans start a quest for the perfect body. For some this means getting rid of a little extra unwanted post pregnancy fat, while others may have hundreds of pounds to lose. Weight loss in the US is a multi-billion dollar industry, with cosmetic procedures and pill popping being some of the so-called quick fixes to our ever-bulging figures.

It has been proven; that in order to sustain a healthy body weight, one must do two simple things, eat right and exercise. These are the only tried and true methods to obtain and maintain the figure we desire. With that being said, it is obvious why quick fix methods mentioned above are not the best methods. Not only are the invasive, addictive and sometimes life threatening, they also do nothing to address the underlying problem – lack of muscle tone and general fitness. In order to burn unwanted fat, you must build muscles. In essence, the more you exercise the more fat you burn and the fitter you become.

In a quest to build healthy bodies, many people turn to Anabolic Supplements products to increase their production of muscle mass. While many supplements can be beneficial in your fitness quest, the use of Anabolic Supplements not only weakens muscle mass, but also can be extremely detrimental to overall health. Once thought to be a quick cure for less than stellar muscle building performance, these Anabolic Supplements have been found to be responsible for severe heart problems and have lead to death in some extreme cases.

While still legal in the United States, Anabolic Supplements such as dehydroepian-drosterone (DHEA) and androstenedione or Andro, as it is known on the street, are thought to produce the same side effects their more powerful and highly illegal big brother, the anabolic steroid, which was outlawed by the Food and Drug Administration back in the early 1990’s. Anabolic Supplements use has been proven to be responsible for conditions such as increased acne and male breast development on the less severe side to life threatening heart attacks and liver cancer.

So what are some better options? The best place to start when considering the addition of any supplement to your fitness regime is a fitness trainer. These trained professionals have a thorough understanding of how the muscles of the body work and what products will be the most effective in producing the results you desire. The Internet can also be another valuable place for research. Use a search engine to look for sites dedicated to bodybuilding or general fitness.

Some individuals use supplements that are already naturally occurring in the body, such as createnine monohydrate, whey proteins and glutamine. In addition to being a natural supplement, they are also readily and legally available through pharmacies, health food stores and on various Internet sites.