An Online Dating Success Story

My Online Dating Success Story

I met my husband Tony three years ago on a popular online dating service. We had both been in long-term relationships prior to finding each other and had also dating several people that we had met online through this dating service. Thus, we had a strong belief in the ability of an online dating medium to connect us with an individual that we could build a life with.

We initially started talking because we lived in the same neighborhood but had never met. Our neighborhood is right next to a river and is very popular amongst college kids and individuals that enjoy sunbathing because there is an area filled with rocks that they can lay out on. We both decided that it was highly likely that we had seen each other a million times and just never knew it.

We talked via email for about a week. He’d ask questions about what I did on the weekends and we started a nice banter. At the end of the week, there was a show that was playing at an outdoor ampetheater next to our neighborhood. Typically, neighbors will walk over in droves to get a spot and have a nice picnic dinner while enjoying the free concerts. Tony asked me if I was planning on going and I said I would if he did.

Thus, our first date was very casual – a sort of meeting of friends rather than an official date. I brought the dinner and he brought a bottle of wine, picnic blanket and bug spray. The concert was phenomenal and we decided to grab some ice cream from the neighborhood ice cream store once it was all done.

I guess you could say that the rest of our story is one for the ages. It turns out that we not only loved in the same neighborhood, but our offices were only blocks apart downtown. We started meeting regularly for lunch at first and then we began carpooling, all the while finding a wealth of healthy conversation.

The first time we attended a friend’s event as an official couple was so much fun. When we told people that we had met online, not a person in the entire party believed us because we were so obviously in love.

While online dating doesn’t really work for everyone, I can say with absolute confidence that it worked for us. Now, we’re expecting our first child and look forward to continuing to grow a happy life together. I’m so glad I signed up in the first place!