An Introduction to Magnetic Jewelry And Its Benefits Part 2

Our part 1 discussion on magnetic jewelry was focused on the basics, including what this type of jewelry is made of. We talked about what types of jewelry you’ll find available for sale, and the fact that some magnets are man-made and some are natural. We also covered the popularity of magnetic therapy world wide, and how it is used for pain relief.

In this second part of our discussion, I’ll cover some of the theories on how magnetic therapy relieves pain and inflammation. I’ll also talk about the reported benefits, some warnings, and what to look for before you buy.

Magnetic Jewelry is recognized for reducing pain in a variety of situations: during or after athletic activities; pain due to inflammation and arthritis; and relieving pain due to old injuries. If you’ve been shopping for magnetic jewelry for a while, you already know about the reported pain relief benefits. If you’re just beginning your research, you’ll soon realize why millions of people world wide are using it.

One way that magnets are said to help relieve inflammation and pain is by providing increased blood flow. Since some research shows that pain is often linked with poor circulation, it it follows then that magnetic jewelry can help to reduce pain.

Make sure that you use your magnetic jewelry properly, and choose the right piece. Magnetic therapy experts say that many people who fail to experience relief did not use the product correctly.

Along those lines, you should know that magnetic bracelets are intended to relieve muscle and joint pain in the shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, and fingers (but not in the lower back). Magnetic necklaces are intended to work on pain in the shoulders and upper back, as well as relieve headaches. Ankle bracelets are intended to work the feet, ankles, legs, and possibly the hips.

Magnetic earringsare used to relieve pain in the ears, neck, and jaw.Sometimes they are used for headaches as well. Magnetic rings are used for pain relief in the fingers and hands. With respect to earrings and rings, however, either a bracelet or a necklace might be a better choice.

Your best bet for effectiveness is to always you buy the jewelry with the strongest and largest number of magnets available. Wear your jewelry as close to the skin as possible so the magnetic field can penetrate, without it being too tight. Always ensure that you wear the jewelry as close to the pain as possible. So, don’t buy a bracelet for leg pain. Wear the magnets 24 hours per day, 7 days per week until the pain is gone so that you experience continuous benefits.

A wide variety of health benefits have been attributed to magnetic jewelry. Unfortunately, a number of less than legitimate businesses have made outrageous claims so beware. Some of the jewelry being sold is very low quality, and the magnets may not be strong enough to provide the proper benefits.

Most people can wear magnetic jewelry with no problems, but you should check with you doctor if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or have any metal in your body. In addition, if you have other serious health conditions, you may not be able to wear magnets. Obviously, the use of magnets should never replace care by qualified medical professionals.

Among the benefits reported by people who use magnets, are less pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles, reduced allergy symptoms, more restful sleep, fewer headaches, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Many of our customers are repeats, and often, they bring their friends. A positive response from hundreds of customers over a long period of time is the best indication of effectiveness.

A good number of doctors, after having a positive personal experience themselves with magnetic jewelry, have tested its effectiveness on their patients. They have found that many patients have experienced substantial pain relief and increased functioning as a result of wearing magnetic jewelry.

Magnetic therapy is a widely used alternative pain relief method. The drawback, however, is that it’s difficult to deliver this therapy on a continuous basis. Since you can take magnetic jewelry with you, this therapy can work on the pain 24 hours per day. That, and the fact that it also can be a stylish accessory, are two of the reasons it has become so popular.