An Internet Marketer’s Review Of Dexter Yager

Who is this Dexter Yager guy, anyways?

Mr. Yager is the most successful MLM distributor in the world, with an organization that spans more than 40 countries with more than 4 million distributors. In fact, he has often been hailed as being the ‘Father’ of Network Marketing systems, as all current modern MLM training systems have roots that can be traced back to Dexter’s work.

In addition to being the foremost distributor in the Amway Corporation, Dexter Yager is also the owner of an equally well known entity that distributes tapes, books, cds, seminars, and other personal development material. As Dexter’s personal business information is not publicly known, one can only speculate at the annual sales and revenue of either his Amway business or his personal development and motivational business, although it is thought that his personal company does in excess of several hundred million dollars annually.

It is interesting to write this article, because Dexter is probably one of the most influential entrepreneurs in all of American history, yet very few people even recognize his name outside of his devote followers. Inside the Network Marketing industry, however, he is regarded as a hero to some of the top income earners in the world. His organization spans 40 countries and more than 4 million people – which I would say is impressive, wouldn’t you?

With this background in mind – I want to cover briefly some frequently asked questions people have about Yager and his training from the perspective of someone who is not involved in his Amway business.

First off, I want to dispel any illusion you may have about Dexter Yager scamming people out of money or being a ‘false prophet’ or the other myriad of accusations people have made against him over the years. It’s important to stay objective when looking at another person’s success and to recognize them for their true accomplishments. Dexter Yager is no exception. He is personally responsible for the success of thousands of individuals world wide, and for creating business systems that have benefited in excess of 60 million people in the direct sales profession. Also, his accomplishments are unsurpassed in the Network Marketing business and are totally unique in the world of entrepreneurs. His business training that he provides has helped thousands of people to reach new and higher levels of success in different professions all around the world.

A good question to ask at this point is – will Dexter’s MLM principles work in your personal business? I want to briefly touch on this subject, however we still need to recognize that this is an entirely different topic all together.

The success of millions of individuals world wide shouldn’t be ignored when asking this question. However, the market has changed in the last 10 years and it should be recognized that a lot of marketing strategies still being used by people in Dexter’s organization are a little behind the times as far as effectiveness is concerned. For example, there are more direct, simple ways of prospecting that what is done by the vast majority of distributors in the Amway Corporation, and there are better presentation modalities than home meetings with whiteboards.

The most beneficial thing the modern MLM distributor can gleam from reviewing Dexter’s material is that we can all learn a lot from the culture that he has built throughout his Amway organization. Meeting someone who has impacted as many lives for the better as Dexter is something that is rare at best.

I would have to say that we, the modern Network Marketers of the world, could learn a lot by studying Dexter’s material.

I hope this helped in your quest for the truth about Dexter Yager, in separating the man from the myth.