An Examination Of Back Acne And What Can Be Done To Cure It

Acne is a very common problem for both adults and teens and the most common perception of the condition is that it occurs on the face. However, if you have had acne you know only too well that it can occur in other places as well like the back and the chest.

Although back and chest acne is not so apparent to outside observers it can nevertheless be extremely annoying for those afflicted by it. Unluckily, back and chest acne is generally harder to treat than facial acne and traditional cleaners and treatments that you purchase for your face are normally less effective when it comes to treating acne on your back. As if this were not bad enough, because your back and chest are frequently covered by clothing, you might experience greater irritation as your clothes rub against your spots.

Just as with facial acne you will need a daily treatment regimen for acne on your back and the majority of common regimens will include a cleanser followed by a moisturizer. Frequently, it is of course harder to put medication on your back acne because of where it is located and so you might need the help of a family member or to use a lotion applicator.

You will need to watch the sort of clothes that you wear. Tight-fitting shirts or rough material will rub against your skin and irritate your acne leading to greater oil production and thus more breakouts. You must also pay attention to the type of detergent and fabric softener that you use. Sometimes detergents and fabric softeners will irritate your back acne and you might need to try different brands or even a fragrance and dye free variety.

Be careful too if you carry anything on you back. For teenagers in school, and for those people who go backpacking and hiking, backpacks can make back acne very noticeably worse. If you experience a rise in the number of acne breakouts you may have to stop using a backpack for a time. If this causes difficulties then a shoulder bag can help until your spots clear up.

Your doctor or dermatologist can be a great help with both diagnosis and treatment of back acne and can begin by determining just how bad your acne is and assessing what type of skin you have. For example, whther you skin is dry or oily or what is referred to as a combination skin plays an important part deciding upon the best treatment. Your doctor or dermatologist will also need to have a history of your acne condition, including things like how long you have suffered from acne and how often breakouts happen. With this information he or she can work out the best treatment and medication to deal with your particular case of acne.