An Art Print Wine Gift

If you need a gift for a wine loving friend, you may want to consider something different from the bottle of wine that you usually give them. Anyone who is known to be a wine enthusiast is bound to get several bottles of wine on any gift giving occasion. We know they probably have more wine glasses and corkscrews than the local department store, too. So what could you give that will make your gift stand out from the crowd? I suggest a nice piece of wine art by Ann Rea for a refreshing change of pace.

Ann Rea is a San Francisco-based artist who specializes in the gorgeous scenery of California’s majestic wine country. Many wine makers in California have commissioned Ann to create unique landscapes specifically for their vineyards. Often these paintings become logos or even wine labels that help promote certain brands. She has created these vineyard portraits for some of the larger wineries such as R.H. Phillips, Wente, Gloria Ferrer, Gallo and Markham as well as small, lesser known wineries.

The wine maker starts the process by giving Ann tours of their vineyards. They explain to her every factor that makes their wines distinctive including soil conditions and climate. Once Ann feels she understands what goes into the wine, she then sets her easel literally in among the vines. She then uses her oils to capture on canvas the essence of each vineyard. Sometimes she will paint several pictures over the seasons to show the varying colors from season to season.

This innovative pairing of fine art and wine is unique to the wineries and to wine enthusiasts. The wineries profit from increased brand awareness in the public as well as sales of art prints. The wine enthusiast gets a work of art that provides a lasting memory of a fine wine or vineyard. For anyone who has been on a wine tour, vineyard art prints are a wonderful way to savor the memories for many years.

Ann Rea has a growing reputation not just among wine enthusiasts but also in the art world. She has gained a reputation in the art world by her signature use of color as well as her uncanny ability to capture the swift changes of light in the vineyards. Her paintings are in the style of French Impressionism and each one shows a special spot in the particular vineyard. People often purchase several of her prints that depict specific vineyards in each season so they can have a set.

If you are simply driven to get that bottle of wine for your friend, why not choose one that pairs with an Ann Rea art print? A delicious bottle of Gallo white wine would be a great base to your wine gift. Do a search online to find a Gallo vineyard print from Ann Rea. Once it arrives, place the print in a beautiful frame to give with the white wine and voila!and there you have it. The perfect pair for an outstanding and unique wine gift!