American Holidays

America is a large and diverse country, with many different ethnic communities. As each of these communities has their own traditions, customs and celebrations there is a lot of holidays and other festivals that take place about the same time as the ones in their home countries. Even so there are some American holidays that belong uniquely to America.

Holidays in America are filled with loads of family enjoyment. Each holiday has certain traditions that are enjoyed by the whole family. Holidays like Christmas is an event that everyone loves. Parents, because this is a time when the whole family gets together and enjoys a sumptuous meal. The children love Christmas because of Santa Claus and all the presents that they will get.

Even though Christmas is a Christian religious holiday it is celebrated by non Christians as well because the religious context of Christian holidays has been removed. So even though Christian holidays are important to the Christian community, many other people enjoy celebrating those holidays purely for the spirit of enjoyment.

The Fourth of July holiday is another great American holiday. On this day families get together and spend their time having fun. They also prepare picnic style meals and have a barbeque while they wait for the Fourth of July Fireworks. This stunning display lights up the night sky as many families light the firecrackers that they have bought for this occasion.

There are many other American holidays that can be found to enjoyable. Like Halloween where people both young and old dress in various costumes and have fun at night. Children love this holiday because they get to wear fancy costumes, go out with friends or a family member and collect lots of sweets. They also love watching the scary television programs that air for this particular night.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that is celebrated with great gusto as well. Here the main item of the day is the carefully oven roasted turkey that will be the centerpiece of the dinner table. Families and friends will gather and not only enjoy the whole meal but after the meal they will watch the seasonal Thanksgiving NFL football games, play games in the garden or the house, talk amongst themselves and generally enjoy each other’s company.

With its rich and culturally diverse background each of the American holidays takes on a unique style and personality. Whether you celebrate the holidays in a traditional style or make your own traditions, there is so much enjoyment to be found for the whole family in all of the American holidays.