Amazing Remedy to Induce Labor Naturally

Chemically inducing labor is becoming more popular in the Western culture. Many physicians are turning to medications and synthetic hormones, without trying a natural way to induce labor. The fact is, many medications used to induce labor can cause a more painful labor as well as risky side effects. Acupressure has been used for years and is a proven method to induce labor both effectively and safely.

Acupressure is both natural and effective. It is a proven technique used over many generations; not only does it make childbirth easier, it will relieve a lot of the pain associated with labor. Using drugs or pharmaceuticals to induce labor is very common; however it has a high degree of risk. To avoid the risks and side effects that come with chemically induced labor, choosing a natural, safe method is a good alternative. Acupressure has been used for centuries and is safe, effective, and doesn’t carry risky side effects.

In fact, many labor health care workers and professionals are recognizing the advantages that labor acupressure techniques offer and are encouraging women who are past their due dates to utilize the benefits of acupressure before agreeing to induce labor with pharmaceuticals.

Pitocin is the most commonly used drug to induce labor. If your health care provider suggests inducing your labor chemically, they will more than likely administer Pitocin. Oxytocin is the hormone in the body, Pitocin is the synthetic version of this hormone. Pitocin has many negative side effects and must be administered by a professional. The first problem experienced by women who are given Pitocin is that the strength of their contractions could become extremely intense. And after Pitocin is administered, there’s nothing one could do to lessen the amount affecting in your body.

Additionally, science has yet to determine the full impact that Pitocin has on the unborn child. Many studies also show that there is a link between the use of Pitocin as a labor induction remedy and an increased risk in Caesarean sections due to fetal distress.

With these risks and complications, many feel that it is preferable to induce labor with natural methods, such as with acupressure.

Acupressure is safe, gentle, and effective. It has no harmful side effects and does not harm the baby. The only possible effect that a woman may experience would be tenderness at the spot where the pressure was applied. Relaxation is one of the most important tools needed to begin labor, and acupressure helps to bring relaxation to the woman’s body. Acupressure helps the cervix to ripen and dilate. By using different pressure points contractions are stimulated and come more often.

According to a recent study (Complement Ther. Med. 2005) women who participated in a control study group were given labor acupressure treatments after they were past their due dates and the results were compared with women whose acupressure points for labor were not treated. The findings showed that those who received labor acupressure point treatment had significantly higher results of their labor starting naturally than those who hadn’t received any acupressure point treatments.

Acupressure has been shown through studies and research to be continually effective in managing the pain associated with labor and delivery as well as inducing labors that have extended beyond their due dates. Acupressure is a safe alternative to chemical inductions and is one of the best ways to induce labor naturally.