Alternative Medicines – Natural GreenTea Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Ancient Knowledge.

Since the advent of human beings, the various sages capable of far sight, in various locales and various time-intervals, have advised man that, “for lack of knowledge, a people surely perish”.

One of the ills of modern civilization, especially in the western world, that has so many of our population at a worrisome pitch and therefore stressed and perishing one by one, is that of high bad cholesterol and how to reduce it.

What is thought to be the modern approach to reducing bad cholesterol has demonstrably proven that the so called cure is expensive and far worse than the disease, not to mention the notorious and dangerous side-effects of such as the statin drugs.

Some of those risky side-effects include decreased libido, inability of your body to absorb nutrients, liver damage etc . Is it any wonder that a visitor from yonder, like the Pleiades constellation of planets, would definitely conclude that human-beings of planet earth have certainly taken a holiday from their senses. A JAMA 2000 issue in essence supports that conclusion.

Natural Tea Flavonoids.

The plain indisputable fact is that there are available very affordable, safe, gentle, effective and natural means to reduce ldl cholesterol, and to raise the good hdl levels..

Honest clinical research results have shown that an abundant regular intake of natural plant phytocompounds, classified as pigments and called flavonoids, is just one of nature’s means of surely reducing your high bad cholesterol.

The clinical research served to verify conclusively what the older civilizations of this planet already knew, by practice of use and observations over centuries.. It is called empirical evidence, and that the regular drinking of natural tea is very good for your health, besides reducing the high ldl cholesterol levels.

These flavonoids are naturally present in both black and green teas, and right there is your greatest hint why green tea is finally becoming the talk of town and gaining popularity in North America, with the U.S. joining in at the tail end of this natural health awareness already known in other countries .

Tea-drinking is a very favorite “past-time” in Asia- Minor, the Far-East and all over the former British colonies minus the cucumber sandwiches.

What Is Chai?

In a number of countries, tea is called chai. In India, to example, ancient home of the ayurvedic medicine, chai is a popular traditional beverage, of hot black tea with hot milk and spices. In Ceylon(Sri Lanka), East-Africa, Mauritius and Madagascar, tea is indeed chai.

And please note very carefully, you need both the black and green teas. It is the combination of both teas that carries the most impressive, high impact cholesterol reducing effect

Each tea type be it black or green has positive health effects and it is the combination of both that is your best choice for the best results. Furthermore, the plant kingdom is generous enough, and also has endowed us with the flavonoids in both vegetables and fresh fruits.

And have you noticed, that for a strange reason of the modern mind-set most people especially in the economically developed countries ignore to eat vegetables and amazingly jump over natural nutritious juices to blindly partake of the carbonated, processed and artificially flavored sodas. Many misguided children jump over nutritious fresh fruit to prefer preservatives and processed sugar loaded candies.

Difference Between Green And Black Teas.

The obvious difference between the green and black teas arises from how they are prepared. Green tea is strictly dried leaves of the tea-plant, whereas to get black tea the leaves are fermented.