Alternative Medicines – HEAL – Healthy Eating and Active Living

I read once that “… you are what you eat …”Looking back now I can see that it applies not only to what you eat physically. It applies to what you eat mentally (books you read). It applies to what you eat emotionally (movies, art, TV and relationships).It applies to what you eat spiritually (your religious beliefs).

Fifteen years ago, when I first started my quest for better health I made major decisions and changes in what I ate.

Primarily I was concerned with the three major building block of good health. FOOD – AIR – WATER.

I decided to eat good chemical free food; move to the mountains for fresh air; and I would eliminate chlorine and flouride from my drinking water.

I am not going to go into the details of why bad food, bad air and bad water are detrimental to your health. Again, the net is full of information on steroids, anti-biotics, flouride water and polluted air.

I was 55 and I had received an awakening from the universe. I was being given a chance to be reborn. Reborn into a new life. A life of complete dependence upon myself alone.

Good health was my first goal.


I decided to eliminate all processed food from my diet. To simplify my diet to include more grains, more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

I read somewhere that the Tibetans live on Tsampa, rice and yak milk. On holidays they make special cookies. Their diet is simple and they stay in great health. We eat a variety of too many items.

I cut out all red meat from my diet. I didn’t want to ingest steroids and anti-biotics that is so freely put into the meat.

Besides my good friend Willie Whitefeather, a Cherokee Medicine Man, who I knew in Arizona told me something startling:

He said “… rhe meat has been poisoned by the fear of the animals being led to the slaughter. They know they are going to die and they are fearful. The fear is in their blood and if we eat them it gets into our blood and we can get very sick …”

So, not eating red meat is not a religious reason with me. It is the way they raise and kill the animals and the chemicals they put into them to get them fat. That is the reason I do not eat red meat.

I still enjoy chicken and turkey and fish. But I go out of my way to find supermarkets that sell organic free range chickens and turkeys. No steroids and anti-biotics.

The same with fruits and vegetables. i only buy organic. Those fruits and vegetables that have been grown without pesticides. I do not buy fruits and veggies from other countries because I have no idea what they use. I have head some nasty stories about what Asian use for fertilizers.

The organic fruits ans veggies cost more. But with my health at risk it is well worth the cost.


I couldn’t afford the rents in the big cities anymore. So I moved back to the boonies of the Pennsylvania mountains.

I live simply in a two bedroom trailer in a small park that has only 3 other trailers in it. Lots of clean mountain air and lots of open green spaces.

I found out that one of the major problems with my life was that I always expected too much. Now I enjoy a simple breakfast in my small trailer looking out the window at the mountains.

Does the breakfast that a millionaire eats on gold plates — taste any better?

I think not! I know not.

A great teacher once said “… not too little, not too much…”

Another said “… extreme poverty and extreme wealth are evil …”

And the great Buddha said “… tred the middle path of moderation …”

So here I was staring out my new life of better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, in the mountains.

I was working on the basics.


A well on the grounds supplied me with all the fresh, cold clean, chemical free water i needed. No more polluted city water.

Oh, by the way did I mention that I have no TV? No more mental and emotional pollution.

I have a DVD player and I treat myself to one movie a day. Thanks to Blockbuster and Netflex who delivers them to my door.

Next time the magic of homeopathic remedies.