Alternative Asthma Treatment

If you are an asthma sufferer and particularly if you are diagnosed with allergic asthma, it can seem at times that even the treatment or treatments you are receiving through conventional sources can sometimes seem somewhat experimental. You try one medicine and see how it works. Then you talk to your doctor about your malady and he might give you something els to elevate some other aspect of your symptoms, until you find what works and what doesn’t and in what combination they should be used and at what dosage.

Then there is the tests and diagnosis you go through to determine what you are actually allergic to and how it can be controlled or eliminated. It is important to understand that a doctor is trained in the medical process of elimination and fully understands the effects and side effects of the drugs he is screening you for during this process. So when the treatment that works best for you is finally determined and your schedule treatment is having positive effects, one might be led to belive that further trials might bring even more relief.

So you might start thinking about the natural or alternative medicines you might have heard about. What can be the problem? They are only herbs and natural herbs at that. You use herbs in cooking every day and you are just fine. Before you grab a handful of any medicine,herbal, or conventional, you should think twice before brewing it up in a cup of tea. herbal medicines can be very powerful and some can have toxic side effects. Some may have a negative reaction to the medicines you are taking now.

Opium is an herbal derivitive and a spoon full of it can kill you. I make this point only to point up the potential for strength and potency in herbal medicines. Never ever discontinue your prescribed medicines you doctor has given you without having a serious talk with your doctor. There are herbal remedies for bad breath that can be purchased at your drug store and might actually work but not as good as a tooth brush and dental floss. No one has ever died as a result of bad breath though. No matter what you hear about any herbal treatments always consult your doctor and let him or her explain what exactly it is in the medicine you are thinking of consuming.

There are other complimentary or alternative medicine therapies that are out there. As long as you consult your doctor some are no risk at all. Acupuncture is one. The only risk here is having to walk around with sore spots on your body, as long as you continue your prescribed medicine. If you are going to experiment with food avoidance it is also important to let your doctor know what you are doing so if you begin to suffer from malnutrition he knows what the cause is. If you suffer from food allergies it is wise to have a medical professional supervise and document your food elimination program.

If you are a severe asthma patient you can at times feel desperate and might be willing to try anything at times. It can leave you alone and isolated and unable to do the things you like to do. Many asthma patients have found relief from group therapy. Being able to talk with others who have the same problems is always a help and has no risk of side effects other than possibly making some new friends. So never underestimate the power of positive thinking as a part of your treatment and before you ever consume any type of herbal concoction, talk to your doctor first.