Allergy Season: Friendly Bacteria and Other Natural Treatments

Millions of people suffer from allergies symptoms made worse by the pollens and seeds floating around at this time of the year. For some, allergy symptoms last year round, causing frustration and misery to sufferers.
Many over the counter allergy treatments provide some relief, though for many, such allergy relief is elusive and difficult to find. Looking to nature to provide release from allergy symptoms is becoming more common these days than ever before, as prescription and over the counter allergy treatment medications fail to provide optimum relief from symptoms like itching, sneezing, stuffiness and watery eyes.
Cause of Allergies
Allergies are caused by something affected in the thymus gland in the human immune system. The thymus gland produces warrior cells called T-lymphocytes, which provide immunity for cells against infection against many kinds of bacteria, yeast, fungi, allergies and viruses. The thymus produces hormones like thymosin, thymopoeitin and serum thymic factor, all which help to regulate immune functions. Several varieties of thymus extracts taken from animals and used in natural supplements improve T-cell defects and help to provide allergy relief.
Some Supplementary Ideas for Allergy Treatment
Anti-inflammatory supplements also serve to provide allergy relief:
This supplement reduces the release of histamine, a naturally produced chemical in the human body that works to help stabilize cell membranes so that their reaction to certain allergens is reduced. This chemical is what gives some varieties of onions and apples their red color and acts as an anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory in the body. The most natural place to find Quercetin is red apples and onions, though supplements are often easiest. Quercetin provides relief from allergy symptoms such as hives, runny nose and swelling tissues around the face. Quercetin can also be found in red fruits, broccoli and leafy greens.
Vitamin C
Everyone knows that vitamin C is good for you, but most people don’t know that vitamin C is vital when it comes to stopping histamine from laying you low with allergy symptoms. When it comes to allergy treatment, don’t forget this vital vitamin as it helps slow histamine release from mast cells and breaks it down faster once it’s released into the body. Vitamin C also helps to reduce inflammation in air passages, providing relief for those whose allergies caused chronic breathing problems.
Friendly Bacteria for Allergy Treatment
For those suffering from food allergies, a bacteria known as lactobacillus acidophilus is growing in popularity as an allergy treatment. Also known as A.K.A. Pro-Biotics, this ‘good guy’ bacterium is vital in the resistance of a variety of infections that plague humans. This type of acidophilus helps to break down foods and creates enzymes that prevent undesirable organisms from inhabiting the digestive tract and other susceptible areas in the body. A probiotic such as lactobacillus acidophilus helps to:
1. Replace ‘good guy’ intestinal bacteria that has been destroyed by antibiotics
2. Aids digestion
3. Enhances immune response
4. Lowers risk of allergies, including asthma, hay fever, skin reactions and food allergies
Lactobacillus acidophilus can be obtained as a natural supplement in granule, powder or capsule form, as well as liquid forms that must be refrigerated. It can also be found in foods such as milk and yogurt that contains L. acidophilus cultures.
When it comes to allergy treatment and allergy relief, give yourself the best chance of overcoming annoying and frustrating allergy symptoms ensure that your diet is combined with ingredients and natural products that help your body to fight against a variety of allergies. Your body will thank you for it.