Allergy Home Remedies

If you’re not a seasonal allergy sufferer, then you probably know someone who is. Allergies tend to appear in the fall and spring months. It is hard to go out and enjoy the spring flowers or the beautiful colors in the fall. The burning sensation along with itchy and stinging of the eyes are the norm. Household dogs and cats are kept away from sufferers. Headaches add to the distress.

You may well wonder if there are any allergy remedies sufficient enough that allow you to enjoy the seasons without suffering the symptoms. OTC medications offer only temporary relief of symptoms, but have side effects such as drowsiness, that can’t be afforded as per our daily lifestyle. Here are a few natural allergy remedies that deserve a try.

You first need to understand the overall dynamics of allergies. The pollen, pet dander and mold have a bad habit of inserting itself on the lining of the mucous membranes. One grain of these aggressors will become attached to your mucous membranes, in nasal passages, causing your immune system to extract large amounts of histamines in response. These histamines cause your body to respond to the invasion, producing a number of reactions that cause your body to flush these unwanted invaders. The results of this flushing action are the symptoms of allergies, which are the cause of your intense suffering!

Conventional over the counter anti-histamines destroy the body’s natural defensive efforts to rid your body of the offenders, while subduing the symptoms which caused you to seek out medication in the first place. Aren’t there any natural allergy solutions that allow the body to fight these symptoms?

As a matter of fact, yes there are non drug induced remedies available. Natural allergy remedies aim to prevent symptoms before they occur. Here is just a short list of allergy remedies that are definitely worthy of consideration.

Dietary input figures prominently in the impact of your allergy symptoms. Studies have shown that foods rich in the Omega-3 fatty acids tend to suppress allergic reactions. Cold water fish, flaxseed, naturally raised meats and eggs, as well as walnuts are rich in this Omega-3 nutrient. Include these foods in your daily diet for a positive effect.

Among the natural allergy remedies, try spicy Dijon mustard, horseradish or hot chili peppers as a nasal decongestant. You’ll experience immediate relief.

In India, the Neti pot is the top choice. A Neti pot is a small vase of salt water which is used like a nasal spray, deactivating the offending intruder, both preventing allergy attacks and relieving nasal congestion.

There are plenty of herbal allergy remedies available. Butterbur, a common weed in Europe, provides an alternative to over the counter anti-histamines. Papaya enjoys a special synergism with proteins, pertinent to ones relief of allergy symptoms. Eyebright also relieves nasal congestion, thick mucous and coughs. Hay fever and nasal congestion may be relieved with skunk cabbage root.

For an alternative treatment, give Cubeb a try, this unripe berry is part of the native pepper of Sumatra. When crushed and rolled into an herbal “cigarette”, hay fever symptoms will subside.