All Your Actions Will Not Bear Any Fruit Unless… Spirituality Information

Can you stop the leap of the snake which intends to bite you?

Can you force the murderer who has come to kill you to drop the knife?

Can you stop the tsnumani from wrecking your house?

You might be surprised ,but the answer to all the above three questions is “Yes You can do it” . It might take a long time but i want to show you how it is done…..

I want to make one thing clear first . I have not attempted to do any of these three things stated above. However, i have applied the knowledge which i have gained thru deep insight and thru learning from great masters to similar events of a lower intensity and they have proved to be highly effective.

Before i reveal it all to you I would like to tell you of a real life incident which will help you understand this concept much better. It was in 1996 when i was in Pittsburgh,USA that i fell terribly ill. All the medicines which the doctors prescribed had failed. I went to every specialist but no one could identify my illness. I had high fever,severe vomiting and my weight was reducing by the day. It was terrible. I was admitted to the hospital at least half a dozen times. No doctor could locate the exact nature of the virus …. I came back to India half dead… My parents got me admitted to one of the best hospitals in Mumbai. However, In India it was still worse … At the age of 24 I was going through the worst moments of my life.

Then suddenly everything changed for the better…. In walked the No 1 doctor of Mumbai. He was 69 at that time. He smiled at me … I smiled back with whatever little energy i had…. “We will make you fit in two weeks time…” These were his exact words. Like a master at work ,he calmly went thru my medical history, asked a few questions, examined my body and then prescribed two tests and left…

Late evening the next day the doctor came back again and said “We have identified your illness and your medication will start tomorrow. You will be fine in a weeks time….” Within a week of taking those medicines i was back to normal. I had no fever and vomiting after a week. My parents were happy and i was relieved…

Three months of taking all the medicines prescribed by the world renowned doctors could not cure my illness… Finally the right diagnosis of the disease did the trick…..

What is the lesson for everyone here?

The No 1 lesson I learnt is “Action is the next step after Knowledge”. It is not action that is important . . It is not the number of hours you work, or your honest commitment and energy which will help you get the things you really want.All these qualities are of very little use if you are not aware of your deepest intention, your innermost dreams. Like the doctors in my case you will be putting in your best efforts, your total commitment and energy and yet you would not achieve anything that you truly want and will remain unhappy. We pride ourselves for the number of hours we work everyday, of the focus and commitment we put in our work but we care very little for knowing our deepest and most genuine desires. We do not pay any attention to it. Think about itÂ….When i use the word know, i mean those wants which stir your soul and not your small little selfish interests of seeking money and power….

The first step is in truly knowing. Taking action is simple. Action becomes stressful and frustrating when you do not know…

You can get anything that you want only when you know what you truly want.

You can get out of any problem in your life if you can get to the root cause of the problem.

If you can go the source of the problem, the originator of destruction, the initial vibrations which forced a man to pick up the knife and murder you, or the snake to sting you or the tsunami to destroy your house, you can alter that decision and seek remedy… The force that that can propel a murderer to drop his knife, or a snake to lower its hood or a tsunami to mellow down is the same force that had enabled the doctor to diagnose the illness properly and cure it. It is only that the intensity of the force has to be much stronger to enable the murderer to drop his knife, or the snake to lower its hood. Your genuine intention and your deepest knowledge of the source of the problem will help you identify the hidden cause of the problem and thus resolve it….

You get only one second to act in all these three cases but if you had complete knowledge of the source of these problems your action might be significantly different and so yield positive results. It might take a decade or more to put these things to practise but the knowledge that you can solve any problem by going to the root cause of the problem remains intact be it diagnosing an illness or in eliminating the motive of a murderer or stopping a snake from biting you…..