All You Need To Know About Body Piercing

Today’s youth are more focused on fashion and body piercing has become a significant trend for them. In recent years, body piercing has gained much popularity and you can observe more and more people sporting naval rings and multiple earrings. However, due to the increasing popularity you also have numerous styles and variations to choose from.

The different types of piercing have different aftercare procedures. There are several types of body piercing like facial piercing, surface piercing, naval piercing, ear piercing etc. If you are not sure which is less painful or which type will look better on you then it is suggested to research on your preferred area and go for it.

Do you think genital piercing is a new trend? If you think so then you are wrong, as genital piercing was a trend in the tribal rituals and even has a mention in the Kamasutra. But is it a pain or a pleasure? This question is troubling most of us. Also, is it safe or not? Well, you need to analyze a number of factors before going in for body piercing.

Is body piercing a painful process: Yes it is, but the pain doesn’t remain for a long time. How much it will hurt and for how long it stays all depends on the type of piercing you are opting for. Well the experience varies from person to person as everyone has different pain endurance level. Tongue piercing is the one, which hurts a bit more and there is swelling and you need to bare some pain for few days. But using ice chips and Popsicles can heal sooner.

Does it take to long to heal the pain: Well the healing time for body piercing all depends on the type of piercing chosen, as some parts of the body heal very soon. For example, earlobe piercing heals quickly, in almost two months time and you are ready for jewelry.

But if you are planning to pierce your belly button then you need to be prepared to bear the pain. Since this process includes body twists and turns it takes time to heal. Also this part of the body is covered most of the times and therefore gets less air circulation. This is one more reason because of which it takes time to heal. Usually it takes six months and may exceed to a year in few cases for a belly button to heal completely.

After-care is important: It is necessary to take proper precaution to ensure a quick healing process. Always ask the piercing professional how to take proper care of your body piercing to ensure quick healing. You need to clean the area once you are done with the process.

Most of the piercing professionals recommend using a mild antibacterial soap to clean a fresh pierce. But ensure that these soaps do not include perfumes or dyes, as it results in irritation and causes discomfort. It is always recommended to opt for soaps, which are specially designed for body piercing.