All about the Master Cleanse Diet

Beyonce went for a quick weight loss diet, which in most circumstances is termed a fad or a crash diet. However that is not true, since the lemon diet has some science in the background.

The Master Cleanse Diet

Lemon diet is nothing but a cocktail of lemon extract and maple syrup. It is supplemented with cayenne pepper to boost the digestion. Imagine you have been on a solid diet for a very long time which would include fried foods, junk foods and so on and you are forced to be on a liquid diet – this sudden change is to give complete rest to your digestive system with the master cleanse diet, in fact the whole system as a matter of fact. In a while you would start feeling the difference and the difference would be drastic most importantly in your digestive system.

Schedule of the Master Cleanse Diet

It is scheduled that you drink somewhere from 8 to 12 glasses of lemon juice (lemon extract, maple syrup and cayenne pepper) during the Master Cleanse Diet and if you are bored of the juice you can drink water. Yes, this is quiet a strict diet and the duration of this diet could go somewhere from 10 days to three months. Since it is not advisable to deprive your body totally of solid food, it is okay if you replace your evening snacks or morning breakfast with succulent fruits say for instance all types of melons during the master cleanse diet. However this is not how the diet is recommended. Perhaps what could happen to a system if you allow it to go on without a solid diet for this longtime?

How would the Master Cleanse Diet help the system?

Lemon diet cleanses glands, cells, muscles and other parts of the body where toxins accumulate due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, cigarettes, junk foods, drugs and so on. People with muscle cramps and other such problems have found a relief due to this diet.

Lemons used during the master cleanse diet are absolutely rich in antibiotic traits. It would help you get rid of unwanted microbial infection and if you are someone suffering from parasite bite or any kind of microbial infection, it would help you improve in that area. In general it improves the quality of your skin and scalp.

The Master Cleanse Diet and Weight Loss

It is quite obvious that people would lose weight if they are deprived of solid food. In Indian therapies, lemonade (lemon extract in a glass of room temperature water, supplemented with two spoons of honey) is recommended daily in the morning. Of course a day or two of fasting with the master cleanse diet is certainly not a bad idea. Nonetheless when it comes to being on a liquid diet for 10 days to 3 months, it can’t be guaranteed how a body would take it? If you are someone with an emaciated body or weak weight, you might happen to end up with some other complication with the master cleanse diet.