All about the Internet Channel on the Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is such a hit because of all the innovation that went into its design. More Wii consoles were sold than any of its competitors because it offered cool features not available on any other system. The controls are one of a kind and the Wii offers many features never seen on a video game console before. One of these features, the Internet channel, is a whole new way to experience the internet right from your TV. On the Wii main menu screen you can download the Internet channel and begin surfing the net with your Wii remote right on your TV screen. The interface is fun and easy to use because it utilizes the same motion sensing technology that game play does.

The internet channel on the Wii brings the World Wide Web to your TV using the Opera internet browser. The browser on the internet channel supports Adobe Flash and JavaScript so you can enjoy all your favorite video sites as well. The fully functioning internet channel brings your favorite web destinations to your TV and in the future may support more than one choice of browser.

Controlling the internet channel with the Wii remote is easy. You can scroll through pages with the control pad or the B button. Clicking on links is easy too, just point the controller at the link you want and press the A button. Resizing text and videos is no problem if you find that they are too big or small, you can adjust the size with the plus and minus buttons. You can even center the screen on the part of the website you are viewing with the press of a button as well. These features make surfing the web easy and fun right on your TV.

Searching for web sites is easy on the internet channel too. There is a search button on the start page and you can use the Wii remote and an onscreen QWERTY keyboard to type the URL of the website you want. Or if you prefer a more compact cell phone style keyboard you can easily switch. The search function has the same word prediction feature that many cell phones use so typing on that type of keyboard is easy. The internet has never been easier to navigate and using the intuitive Wii remote is fun.

Getting to your favorite web sites from the Wii internet channel is also easy. You can add websites to your favorite list and easily access them anytime without having to type the URL. You don’t have to re-type you favorites or search for sites you have already visited with the favorites feature. Parents can set parental controls to limit their children’s access to the internet channel and which sites they can visit. With so many features and an easy to use interface the internet channel on the Nintendo Wii is another reason why the console has gained such popularity. Nintendo will continue to add more channels and more features to the Wii’s internet capabilities.