All About Spider Vein Treatment

Before, the chances of getting a spider vein treatment are much lower compared today. This is because women before are not really much into physical beauty as they are today. Not that there is something wrong with wanting to look beautiful, it’s just that nowmore than everphysical beauty can serve as a stepping stone to brighter and more opportunities for success.

Many women who have yet to undergo a spider vein treatment don’t realize it but aside from the humiliation caused by these ugly veins on the skin, the condition can even bring them more depression in the long run because it can be painful and even life threatening when not treated immediately.

Experts say that spider veins are benign vascular lesions that result to unsightly veins. It ranges from telangiectasia, simple spider veins to a more painful and deeper vascular lesions. Spider veins have resulted from inflamed veins and can lead to pigmented wherein the scars that are left behind are purplish-brown marks once the pimple blemish goes away and ice pick scars which can leave small depressions on the skin after the lesions have dried up.

Treatment option for spider vein

Due to the advancement in modern technology today, many experts were able to come up with treatment options that will help women and also men who are suffering from spider veins. All they have to do first is to consult their dermatologistpeople who are experts on the skin and other skin related disordersor their physician to know what the extent of the skin problem is.

Knowing what exactly is the skin’s condition is very important so the doctor can identify which treatment option will be the best for you. Consultation is very important so the doctor can explain what the condition is all about, what are the treatment options she or he can recommend as well as the estimate of the cost you might have.

Today, the most common treatment options for spider veins is through the use of laser therapy. Here, an infrared light source or a broadband light also called the “Intense Pulsed Light” along with a filters are used to treat small visible vessels and broken capillaries, other vascular lesions and discoloration of the skin that can are causes and effects of spider vein.

Most skin experts use a combination of laser treatment and injections to be able to treat spider veins depending on its severity. The injectionsalso called “sclerotherapy”is considered as the highest standard among treatment options for spider veins. This treatment option for spider veins is proven to be effective by so many doctors as well as patients because the solution that is being used for sclerotherapy is known to damage the vessel walls that resulted from the damaged spider vein. Here, it reabsorbs the damaged vessel wall and turns it into a bruise, which can disappear eventually.

Since it can be a sensitive spider vein treatment option depending on the severity of the case, a patient is required to complete a minimum of three and a maximum of five sessions which are usually spaced one month apart.

This would not be a hassle especially to clients with busy schedule because each procedure will only take about 20 to 30 minutes that can be painless or with minimal discomfort depending on the sensitivity of the patient.