All About Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes have come a long way since the first exercise bike, which was nothing more than 2 whiles and a pedal.

Today, exercise bikes are sophisticated machines capable of delivering low-impact, dynamic and amplified aerobic exercise programs with none of the strain, pain and discomfort associated with traditional treadmill use.

Schwinn is a company that is well known for its exercise bikes, and this article reviews schwinn exercise bikes.

Several companies manufactur exercise bikes, and schwinn’s bikes provide maximum amount of versatility compared to other exercise bikes.

Some of the standard features of some of their bikes include:

• Pre-programmed workouts
• Heart-rate monitor capabilities which pick up your heart rate when you wear a wireless chest strap
• Powered by pedaling so you don’t have to plug it in, where kinetic energy (pedalling) is converted to potential energy, which is then converted to electrical (display)
• 30 or more levels of resistance.

Some bikes are designed such that the unit accomodates to your body mechanics as you utilize it more and more. This is called an ‘auto-adjustment’ unit, where the machine is ‘smart’ and knows how much to push you as you use it more and more – very cutting edge capabilites in today’s machines. Exercise bikes can be used by all categories of individuals, young and old, even by individuals with injuries. Follow these guidelines if you are a newcomer:

1. Slow and steady. If you’re not used to a stationary exercise bike, turning up the dial on the resistance can prove to work against you. It is best to start with a low intensity and then progress to a higher intensity. Let your body guide you.

2. Stretch your way to success. As with any exercise routine, make sure that you stretch properly before and after, giving at least 20 seconds per stretch.

3. Set a goal. If you haven’t set your goals, then now is the time. You want to set long-term goals for your entire workout routine, such as weight or waist size, and also a goal for each target area. For instance, when using an exercise bike, you’ll want to set a goal for how many miles you aim to cycle per workout and at what resistance.

Exercise bikes come in 2 types, stationary and recumbent. Most individuals prefer recumbent exercise bikes for their comfort and ease of use, especially for people with back pain or those who are new to exercise, but these unites encourage a slower, less intense workout, which I am not a fan of.

Bikes that are upright have a more intense calories burning effect. However, they tend to place more strain on the lower back. The decision is individual and you must try both before you pick one.

Finally, it’s your choice – an exercise bike or some other type of cardiovascular equipment. Be diligent as a buyer and research various types of equipment before you buy.