There must be hardly anyone in the entire world who doesn’t enjoy going on a holiday. After all, we all work hard and put away money to enjoy a ‘special holiday’ at the end of all our hard work. Just the word ‘HOLIDAY’ conjures up images of all things nice – sun-kissed beaches, long idyllic walks, eating to your heart’s content and indulging in some serious R & R.
People may go on:
1. Individual Holidays – People take off all one their own just to see the world at their own pace.
2. Family Holidays – A holiday you embark on with your whole family and the very purpose of such a holiday is to spend time with your family, away from the drudgery of everyday life.
3. Romantic Holidays – This is when you take off with that ‘special someone’ either to get to know your partner or to celebrate special occasions together.
4. Group Holidays – People register themselves with a holiday tour operator and go for a holiday as part of a large group.
5. Holidays with Friends – This is probably the most fun holiday, where a bunch of friends holiday together.
1. Luxury Holidays – If you can’t think beyond soaking in a tub full of perfumed water, room service and gourmet meals, a luxury holiday is for you. This is probably the most relaxing type of holiday, where your every whim is catered to without you even lifting a finger and from where you return looking totally rested and refreshed.
2. Camping Holiday – If you dream of sleeping under the open stars in a tent, cooking meals over a fire and entertaining yourself by dancing around a campfire, a camping holiday is the way to go.
3. Backpacking – Probably one of the most inexpensive yet adventurous ways to travel the world, backpacking is a rage among youngsters and the more adventurous at heart.
4. Nature Holiday – Waking up to the sound of birds, looking out of your room and glimpsing meadows of flowers with maybe a few deer thrown in, that is what a nature holiday is all about. It helps to unwind in the lap of Mother Nature.
5. Cultural Holidays – When in Rome, do as the Romans. To live this, you have to know what the Romans do and how and why they do it. This is what a cultural holiday is all about – you tour a place, you soak in its culture and traditions, and you come away a bit more knowledgeable about a new place and new people.
6. Adventurous Holiday – Enjoy the thrill of riding a rollercoaster? Can’t wait to go river-rafting among the rapids? Exhilarated at the idea of dropping down a 50-foot cliff with nothing but a rope around you? Adventure holidays may just be your true calling. A word of advice – not for the faint hearted!
No matter what type of holiday is your cup of tea – holiday you must, as often as you can.