All About Elleptical Exercise Equipment

The elleptical is an excellent aerobic exercise choice for individuals with arthritis, knee or hip pain.

The difference between a treadmill and an elleptical is the amount of impact on the knee and hip joints, which is significantly lower with the elleptical. There are various manufacturers for elleptical exercise equipment, and this type of equipment is just one of several types of equipment you can buy for your home.

As a buyer, it’s hard to decide what to buy, and reading reviews is a good place to start, so I’m glad you are reading this!

Personally, I am a fan of ellepticals due to the low impact nature of the activity. Along with its ease of use and oval motions, you can control how much resistance is applied through a simple electronic adjustment on the interface. When using an elliptical exercise machine, you have complete control over the intensity of your workout making this one of the most popular machines available today at your local health club.

Like any machine thats electrical, you need to spend a little time learning and understanding the controls. When you buy, make sure that you have a heart rate feature, and a ‘weight loss’ mode that automatically creates a workout for you based on your weight and height. Be sure to adjust the machine to suit your size and range of movement.

You may want to remember some of these important points when using an elliptical exercise machine:

Posture. You should always maintain a good posture, having your shoulders back, head up looking straight forward. Don’t grip the handles too tightly and make sure that your weight is evenly distributed across both pedals. The most common mistake is to lean forward or droop the chin while on the elleptical.

Movement. Always maintain a consitent pace, so you minimize your chances of injury. If you’re moving too fast, you may forget your posture and proper technique. Your pace should be controlled, yet brisk.

Consistency. You must be consistent to get results, irregardless of the type of equipment you are using. Results do not come overnight, they take 6-8 weeks. All you need to do is remain consistent.

These are the things you need to keep in mind before you decide to make your purchase.

Equipment safety. The elliptical exercise equipment should be sturdy; it shouldn’t wobble and you shouldn’t feel like it will tip over. There should also be adequate room for your range of motion.

Equipment warranty. Choose something that has a low maintenance and is durable. Most exercise equipment manufacturers provide warranties for their products, and in cases, lifetime warranties may also be available. Standard warranties are 10 years or more on parts and 2-3 years on labour. Buying an extended warrantly is strongly recommended, since there will be a lot of wear and tear on the machine.

Additional features and performance. It is helpful to have some additional bells and whistles to spice up your workouts; as I stated before, a monitor to check hear rate, an indicator for various modes and resistances etc.

I wish you all the best with your decision making process. Be sure to weigh all your options before you decide to make a purchase. There are several gadgets out there. Do your research before you buy.