Albany Law School

The Advantage of Albany Law School

The Albany Law School is actually the oldest independent law school in the U.S. It was founded in 1851, so if you think that age equals wisdom, then this is the law school for you.

The Albany Law School is situated in Albany, New York. This means that it is situated in the New York Capital Region. What does this hold for the students? Well, it means that the students of the Albany Law School will be able to access various opportunities for internships and employment. Another great thing about the Albany law school is the fact that they actually make sure that their students get hands on opportunity by setting up some public-interest clinics. People will be able to get legal advice for free. This helps society and the school.

The Albany Law School also holds a high passing rate of bar exam takers. In fact, in 2006, the Albany Law School had a passing rate of 88 percent. This was a lot higher than the New York state average of 79 percent.

Students of the Albany law school actually face a lot of opportunities upon graduation. We all know how difficult it is to get a job when you are a fresh graduate these days. With the ever increasing unemployment rate, it is understandable that young people are becoming very worried about their future. However, graduates of the Albany law school will be equipped to face the challenge of employment through different means.

First of all, the Albany Law School has a great career center which maintains online career resources to be used by the students. This means that graduates will be able to access all new opportunities while they are still fresh. Speed is often a great advantage when looking for work and the Albany law school makes sure that you have the speed of the internet on your side. You are equipped with a personal Job Search Agent which ill help you narrow down the list of possible employers and help you find a job that’s perfect for your needs.

The Albany Law School also equips you with the skills necessary to stay one step ahead of the competition. You are given an edge in the form of its career development programs. You have access to top notch career counseling which will help you improve your skills in selling yourself to your employers. You will be able to put together better resumes and bring out your best in every interview.

The Albany Law School also offers career education programs which will teach you what to expect from the real world. It will teach you through seminars and workshops how to cope with the pressures of the job. This skill will give you a definite edge over other applicants.

The Albany Law School also holds various job fairs and interviews in order to give their graduates a much needed boost into the world of employment. Attending the Albany Law School will automatically give you exclusive access to these job fairs and will reduce the size of the competition.

Of course, the best edge that the Albany Law School can give you comes in the form of its Alumni. When you graduate from the Albany Law School, you will be joining the huge Alumni body and this will give you the chance to network and to look for employment with other graduates.