AIX PGP Encryption

McAfee e-Business Server is a suite of products, which encrypts the corporate data to protect it during transaction processing, file transfers or while at rest. The industry standard PGP encryption of e-Business Server helps to safeguard the confidential information during its exchange with remote offices, vendors or business partners. Simple commands are used for the data encryption and that helps keeping the errors to the minimum and the maintenance of data is thus reduced. The built-in compression feature of e-Business Server enables the encryption of large files and in turn conserves the bandwidth, efficiently uses the storage space and reduces transfer costs. E-Business Server reduces the data transmission cost by replacing expensive leased lines and transferring the data safely over Internet.

The e-Business Server PGP Encryption technology allows the encryption, decryption and authentication to be embedded in the applications. It also offers consistent data security without user interaction. The strongest industry algorithms like IDEA, AES, TWOFISH and Triple-DES CAST are incorporated in the PGP e-Business Server.

It is easy to implement the data protection methodology into the existing applications of Mc-Afee e-Business Server. Even from customized or in-house applications the communicated data can be encrypted. With e-Business Server it is possible to encrypt the data on one platform and decrypt on another. Depending on which platform files are being sent to, data can be automatically converted from ASCII to EBCDIC and vice-versa. It supports a broad range of platforms including AIX, Windows, HPUX, Linux (Redhat and SUSE), IBM z/OS and Solaris.

The following AIX versions are supported by e-Business Server 8.6:

AIX 5.1, Maintenance level 06 or above

AIX 5.2, Maintenance level 04 or above

AIX 5.3

AIX 6.1

It is easy installing PGP e-Business Server. It provides the option to set up multiple servers from one console. The installation process of PGP e-Business Server on AIX system requires the following steps to be followed:

Use the PGP CD-ROM for installation or make use of the downloaded PGP package.

In case of CD-ROM, copy the PGP installation file to a temporary location on the system’s hard drive. After that this location should be made the current working directory.

The following command helps to uncompress the package :

gzip -d < PGPeBiz_x.x.x_AIX.tar.gz | tar xvf - Here x.x.x depicts the release number. The pgp-x.x.x/ directory is created once the package is uncompressed. The command './pgp' helps to execute the PGP e-Business Server application. For installing PGP e-Business Server, minimum 32 MB RAM is required for AIX systems.