Air Purifiers – Helpful for Allergic and Asthmatic Patients

Indoor air pollution is one of the main factors promoting the respiratory illnesses like allergy and asthma. However, air purifiers bring a sort of relief for patients suffering from these diseases. Let’s know how they help allergic and asthmatic patients.

Indoor air pollutants enhance allergies and asthma
Recently conducted studies stated that the quality of air indoors is two to five times more polluted than outdoors. Several contaminants present in your home or office can trigger different kinds of respiratory illnesses. Various allergens like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and smoke augment allergies and asthma. In addition, these ailments get intensified by building materials like synthetic carpets, painted walls and pressed woods.

As we spend most of our time indoors, we experience a greater exposure to these allergens. Furthermore, they tend to increase the risks of the disease among allergic and asthmatic patients.

Symptoms of allergies and asthma
Allergies are often caused when the immune system of a body overreacts with allergens. People suffering from allergy are seen with symptoms such as sneezing, running nose, itching, skin irritations, wheezing (breathing with difficulty) and constriction of throat.

Asthma is one such chronic lung disease resulted by constricted, sore and inflamed lower air passages. The symptoms of asthma include shortness of breath, restlessness during sleep, chest tightness or pain, cough, itchy throat, watery eyes and wheezing.

Importance of air purifiers
Extreme asthmatic attacks may also cause sudden death due to the lack of efficient oxygen supply. More often asthmatic patients even suffer from allergies. However, both the conditions are enhanced with the exposure to allergens and other indoor air pollutants. Therefore, apart from having effective medication, it is important to reduce the exposure to indoor air contaminants to avoid the allergic and asthmatic effects.

Air purifiers are the best supplements serving this purpose. They trap the indoor airborne allergens, pollutants and clean the air. Installation of an air purifier in your home, therefore, results in fresh and pollutant-free air. Hence, asthmatic and allergic patients can feel better with safer atmosphere.

Various choices of air purifiers
You can choose from different types of air purifiers available in the market. Some of major ones are:

Ionic air purifiers attract the air pollutants with respect to their electrostatic charge.

Carbon air purifiers use activated charcoal or carbon that adsorbs indoor air contaminants.

Ozone purifiers use UV light that induces formation of ozone gas in the air. Ozone helps in disinfecting the indoor air.

High efficiency particulate air purifiers (HEPA) are other prominent and most effective type of air purifiers. They use specific filters which can trap particles up to 0.03 microns in size.

Air purifiers promote the indoor air quality and make your family breathe safe air. It has also been found that people using air purifiers in their home are less likely to have allergic or asthmatic attacks.