Affirming The Positive Subliminally

Before the invention of modern techniques such as binaural beats, subliminal technologies and mind machines millions of people have used the power of affirmations to create a better life for themselves, earn more money, attract satisfying relationships and build a better healthier mind and body. I am sure you have read many stories about how people have transformed negative situations and circumstances into positive life experiences through the power of auto-suggestion. Affirmations can be used for anything that needs changed in your life and it has been proven to help change psychological aspects of the human character.

You are about to learn how to use the same procedures for mind conditioning that have been used by the most successful people on the planet and what’s more you are going to learn how to put these techniques into over-drive!

There is little doubt that exposing yourself to positive affirmations repeatedly over time has a great beneficial impact on your thoughts, feelings, actions and therefore your life.

By creating an affirmation that states what you want to be, do or have as though it were already in existence you can create almost anything in your life. The process is very simple. You merely identify what it is that you want from life and write a sentence describing your life as though you already have it. Then three times a day you repeat this statement to yourself and visualize the scene as though you were experiencing it then and there.

Research has shown that the most effective times for using affirmations are in the early morning, not long after waking, and late at night, just before you go to bed. At these times your subconscious mind is much more open and receptive to the suggestions because your conscious mind is tired and off-guard. Then during the day you would state your affirmation to reinforce your intent.

Unfortunately there are a great many people who fail to get any real affects from using affirmations because they fail to realise a vital key to using them.

It not enough to just fill your subconscious mind with positive affirmations. It is also important that you first remove the negative resistant thoughts and feelings that are working against your success! It is necessary for you to remove the negative programming that is already installed in your brain before you can get new positive programming to work. Without this step all the new subconscious mind programming that you are trying to give your subconscious mind will not only not work but will most probably work against you. When this happens you get frustrated and impatient and the positive affirmations you are using can then actually work against you.

The best way to get the most of affirmations is to completely remove the negative programming that is currently working against you. Many different and varied techniques have been created to accomplish this from the Sedona Method to EFT. These techniques work with the energy system of the body and through some simple exercises you can remove the energy associated with the emotions that lie behind your negative thoughts.

Using these techniques, or others, to release the old negative and unproductive patterns of belief does require some effort and commitment but anything worthwhile does. However, they are extremely efficient and quick working.

There is an easier way to remove these destructive patterns and also install new positive beliefs simultaneously. It is a technique that involves bypassing the conscious rational thinking mind and gaining access directly to the powerful subconscious mind. Within your subconscious mind are held all your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It makes sense to assume then that by gaining direct access to the subconscious mind is the best way to make changes quickly and most effectively! I am referring to Subliminal Messages and the use of subliminal technologies for mind reprogramming.

By using technologies that reprogram the mind through the use of subliminal messages you can remove neagtive thought patterns and completely replace them with whatever thoughts and beliefs you wish to have. Simply by listening to a subliminal recording or using subliminal computer technologies you can go about your everyday activities and allow the new affirmations to effortlessly saturate your mind. If you wish to use affirmations in the future you should seriously consider using them as part of a subliminal program. Thus you can eliminate the need to consciously make an effort and allow the entire process to be dealt with unconsciously. Through a carefully chosen program you can also chose and install your very own affirmations that are important and relevant to you and your life.