Affirm Your Objective

Here’s one little, yet extremely powerful tip that can propel you to achieve anything you want – faster than you ever thought possible.

Here it is:


Let me cite an example. Johnny have always dreamed of getting 6-pack abs in his tummy. Yet, he can’t seem to get the discipline to eat the proper diet and to do the right exercises.

Then one day, his buddy told him this one secret – to affirm your objective. Couple this technique with visualization and you’re unstoppable.

Every morning since then, he would tell himself wholeheartedly, “I will eat healthy, non-fat foods; and I will engage in all the exercises necessary to get ripped abs.” As he said this, he began visualizing himself as the image he desired to become.

Then the magic began. He no longer crave for his favorite ice cream and fried chicken. He was all pumped up and excited every time he goes to the gym. He seems to have all the energy and determination to achieve what he wants.

He also seemed to become more aware of anything that relates to 6-pack abs. He became more interested in reading magazines about it, and surfing the internet to get all info related to it. He gathered lots of details that he didn’t even noticed before. His eyes sparkled every time he sees athletes with stunning abs.

Then one day, he did it. His 6-pack abs became visible and almost all his body fats disappeared. He was very proud of what he has accomplished.

End of story.

You see, if you affirm your objective, you will be able to block out all obstacles that will hinder your progress. You will attain that laser-like focus. Moreover, you will become more interested and more aware of information and stuffs that will make your dream a reality.

If you’ve ever become interested in one particular type of car (for example, a Mercedes), you will begin to notice all Mercedes (and you may not even notice or be aware of all other types of cars). You will even become aware of the color and features of all Mercedes cars that you’ve seen all day long.

When you affirm your objective, same thing happens. You shield out all obstacles and you become aware of things that will lead you to the thing you desire.