Aerophobia is also known as aviatophobia or aviophobia. Aerophobia is the fear of flying. Aerophobia is a phobia by itself but often it can be combined by other phobias like claustrophobia and acrophobia. Many people across the globe suffer from this problem. Aerophobia is a common phobia that has many people scared.

In today’s day and age, to have the fear of flying is a real handicap. If you are a business man, your job requires you to fly to different states or countries often. If you have the fear of flying, it may get into your way of business, thus you will lose clients. Also the fear of flying may restrict you from family trips or vacations to far off places, just because you can’t fly. Some people fly in spite of their phobia but experience great anxiety on the journey.

What causes the fear of flying?

Claustrophobia- fear of enclosed places like an aircraft or elevator
Acrophobia- fear of heights
Fear of turbulence
The feeling that you do not have control
Fear of flying over large masses of water
Fear of flying when it is night
Fear of death or injury

Is it possible to overcome the fear of flying?

Yes, you can be rid of this phobia. Depending on how serious your phobia is, there are plenty of treatments available. There are tons of books available on the subject that can help reduce or eliminate your phobia. There are several doctors too who can help you. There are several tapes available in the market that can help you work on your phobia and overcome it. But if you’re the type who doesn’t believe in visiting doctors or they type that likes to do things on your own. I suggest hypnosis. Do not worry, I’m not asking you to visit a hypnotist, though that could be an option. Our world of technology has developed so much that you can now even enjoy treatments of various phobias from the comfort of your home. What am I talking about? You now have on line hypnosis as an option. Yes you heard me right, on line hypnosis. You do not need anyone’s help. Just download one of the hypnosis on line and treat your self. Hypnosis is recommended to treat many a phobias and medical conditions. It is highly effective as well.

If you suffer from the fear of flying, you will know what it feels like to be ripped by unbearable fear and you will realize that there is an unconscious response that makes you feel the way you feel. Hypnosis reaches out to that unconscious part and corrects it, thus changing your attitude towards flying. It helps your mind to realize that an air plane is not something life threatening but is a mere means of transport. After your hypnosis sessions you will find that your mind even when in a conscious state, will be okay with flying. The fear of flying will soon disappear and you will be get onto many more flights without facing any panic or anxiety attacks.