Advice on Zumba Workshop 101

If you want to become really good at Zumba and hopefully teach it to different individuals, you need to join some workshops. These are available in almost all states in America, as well as several other cities around the globe. Consistency and discipline is the key if you aim to become certified. Knowing the details and understanding what to expect are also essential.

Skills Needed

Do not worry so much about your current skills since everyone who joins the workshop is not expected to be much of an expert. However, there are some requirements needed to become a truly good and certified Zumba instructor. Dance background can help a lot since you need to immediately pick up the rhythm to teach other exercisers. Another thing that could help is having a background in teaching fitness and dance. Zumba is mainly taught using visual cues, since the program wants to let students listen and enjoy the music more.

Music can greatly motivate students to move, shake and have fun. It is very easy to teach visually. Teaching more will help you quickly signal the students that there are new steps arriving first. A number of teachers also use microphones present in health clubs for added verbal backup. Both visual and verbal methods are highly effective in teaching.

Where the Workshops Are

There are plenty of areas where you can have a Zumba workshop. In most cases, health clubs host Zumba classes, job openings and workshops all around the United States, as well as other countries. You can sign up immediately. There are also other places that require prior reservation. On the average, a workshop can last anywhere between 1 and 2 days. Expense in joining will be around $150 to $300 or more, depending on the instructor, venue and lesson.

If you intend to hold your very own workshops, other ideal places include dance or yoga studies, yacht clubs and community centers. You may rent the space or get one of your own, provided that you already have a strong following. You can actually have a workout almost anywhere. It is ideal, however, to have someplace with mirrors so you can watch your movements.

The Next Level

Aside from Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold, there is also Zumba Basic Steps level 2. It is a new workshop which includes concentrating and learning 4 basic steps namely the Samba, Flamenco, Tango and Belly Dancing. Although several Zumba instructors already include these dances in their programs, the workshop provides more time and focus to the rhythms and backup the formula, so that individuals can take on the next level of Zumba.

The first few workshops generally concentrate on style, professionalism, teaching tips and techniques. Some of the inclusions when joining the workshop are the Basic Steps Level 2 music CD, a Level 2 instructor manual, a review DVD and a certificate or completion. ACE and AFAA trainers get to have CEUs and CECs for joining Zumba workshops.

Final Tips

Pre-registration is highly recommended among those who plan to join the Zumba workshops. New techniques, steps and other freebies may be available if you check the web site. Payment may be through credit card, check or cash, depending on the host. Sold-out workshops usually do not allow any walk-ins to ensure quality and safety.