Advice on ZIN Membership Information

ZIN stands for Zumba Instructor Network. This is a very efficient and reliable tool for professionals to continually enhance their knowledge and skills, thereby leading to better and more exciting programs. You can receive a lot of benefits too by joining the network. Even if you are not an instructor, you may gain access by using your own instructor’s account. Here are some more tips on how to get the best out of the network.

On Age Requirement

Participants need to be at least 18 years old or older to join a Basic Workshop independently. They should also be at least 18 years old or above to join a Zumba Gold workshop independently. 16 or 17-year old individuals can join Zumba Basic workshops, provided that they secure a letter from their parents or guardian. Both the participant and the parent or guardian should sign the liability form at the Zumba workshop. Individuals who are 16 or 17 years old need to contact the trainer for the workshop to fix the letter from the participants’ parents, as well as the liability form.

On ZIN Tools

There is a ZIN policy stating that the membership should strictly be for the Zumba instructor only. A portion of the benefits of becoming a ZIN member is the music sets and choreography tips that you get to have through mail. It is actually against the ZIN policy to share these vital fitness information to non-members. It is not allowed to create copies of ZIN songs. The music industry should be very stringent about copyright laws. The RIAA is actually chasing individuals who have breached the copyright law.

Protect yourself and avoid making copies of the CDs and DVDs at all costs. The ZIN CDs are also not for sale to the general public, since these are intended for the use of ZIN members only, to improve and develop their fitness programs. Exclusive status will be eliminated if the songs were made open to the public. There are some CDs, however, which you can buy at wholesale then resell to students and participants at a higher price.

Canceling ZIN Membership

ZIN membership lasts anywhere from a few months up to a full year. If the membership is cancelled before the minimum due date of expiry, members will have to pay a penalty fee first for the remaining months. The fee can range anywhere between $10 and $25 a month. All materials are provided during the first month in most cases, so you will have to pay for the current month and receive all materials in the same period. The cancellation will be effective once approved, usually during the last week of the month wherein the cancellation was filed.

Requesting Materials

The ZIN membership is similar to other types of subscription. If you are a new member, you will only get the item sent out during the time you registered, with other materials following afterwards. The CDs, DVDs, manuals, etc. will be available as listed in the program, depending on the agency you joined.

Zumba will not give liability insurance waivers. Each Zumba instructor is considered as an independent contractor who can independently decide terms, rates, schedules, routines and other agreements. You may refer to your insurance company, facility and lawyer where you can educate people for added assistance.