Advice on What Kind Of Outdoor Furniture Do You Have

What kind of outdoor furniture do you have? This is oftentimes the question asked that helps one determine how to decorate or adorn their garden, backyard or lawn.

If your home is situated in a wide expanse of real estate property or even those with just enough open space in their front or backyard, then wouldn’t it be nice to add a bit more spice to make it more presentable or attractive, especially one that would make you want to spend a little more time lounging in your yard.

It may cost you somewhere around a few hundred dollars to even thousand, however, the choice is yours.

It’s how you want to see it and how you would want be fulfilled with what you do, the possibilities are endless and you have a lot of options to choose from.

But first, it is important to know which kinds of outdoor furniture you can choose from to not only make your backyard, garden or lawn look good, but one that will also help you make your choices on a more practical side and help you save money in the long run.

First thing you need to know about outdoor furniture is that it is designed and built to be a bit more durable and extra-protected compared to indoor or house furniture.

One of the most popular outdoor furniture in the market called wicker furniture.

This is made up of either woven strips of a durable root-based vine called rattan or vinyl-coated plastic strands, since these materials are water and weather-proof.

It can be easily cleaned using soap and water, especially one using a pressure washer, but should only be used in a low setting, otherwise intense pressure could damage the material or scrape off any coating or varnish painted on to protect it from the elements.

Another type of outdoor furniture are those made of hard wood or water resistant wood. Designs usually range from carved wooden designs for individual chairs and usually a table as a center piece to basic bench and table designs for outdoor parties or gatherings.

These wooden outdoor furniture are usually painted with a heavy duty paint varnish to prevent water or moisture from seeping into the wooden fiber that may cause to damage it over time.

Material of choice are those made of teak or cedar wood, which can be left outdoors even during the winter, but can be a bit more expensive compared to others.

Other types of wood can also be used, however, would require a lot more time and effort to maintain and must be stored indoors to protect it from getting frozen which would cause it to be brittle or cause molds and mildew to seep in.

Another type of outdoor furniture are those made of metal, whether aluminum, stainless steel or wrought iron.

These are usually coupled with either molded plastic or wood-based accents and are a bit more easier to maintain and clean.

There are also outdoor furniture made of one hundred percent molded plastic, which would be the most affordable ones in the market.
There are a lot of designs and colors to choose from since it can easily be molded to form any shape or size desired and can costs less than any kind of outdoor furniture material sold in the market, and can be replaced easily due to its affordability.

So by now you know how to answer when someone asks you what kind of outdoor furniture do you have.