Advice on The Zumba Certificate Of Completion

If you join and successfully finish a Zumba workshop, you get to earn a certificate of completion. This way, you become eligible to teach others Zumba and is considered as an official Zumba instructor. You need to understand the requirements and prerequisites of the certificate also to stay ahead and maintain it. Here are some ways to earn and keep it.

About Prerequisites

The Zumba Basic workshop or Zumba Gold workshop do not have any prerequisites, although it can help a lot if you already have experience in teaching dance or fitness classes. Several successful and well-known Zumba instructors used to be students with zero teaching experience. There is always a percentage of exercisers who have never been on a Zumba class. It may take longer for these individuals to get started and practice consistently, but overall, they end up losing extra weight and get better with the moves. Majority also report finding the activity very enjoyable because of the fusion of international rhythms.

Staying Proficient

Since you are a Zumba instructor, you are expected to stay up-to-date with all the recent developments. You should also continue to upgrade and enhance your knowledge, tools and skills in Zumba if you want to be among the best in the industry. If you offer quality, expertise and proficiency, you will find that classes become more productive and students benefit from your hard work. There are several opportunities offered by Zumba for your continuing education. You will also get constant information and other materials to enhance your program. Every instructor will have to renew their certificate of completion every year.

On Renewal

There are several methods on how you can keep your knowledge and skills updated and refreshed, so you can renew your certificate of completion once a year. The first approach is to become a ZIN or Zumba Instructor Network member. ZIN members get to receive new music and choreography ideas every now and then. As an instructor, you are free to develop and improve your routines, classes, schedules and other aspects of the program as you see fit. ZIN members with good standing are known as Current Zumba Instructors.


You can also take another workshop within 12 months to keep your Zumba instructor status in current mode. If you want to specialize or enhance your dancing skills, you can take a specialty workshop like Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Kids or Basic Steps Level 2. All of these feature different styles to cater to the needs of the participants. If you retake the Level 1 workshop, you can still gain completely different ideas and insights in Zumba. You may also retake the Zumba Basic workshop to renew your certificate and get to know several recent music, trends, techniques and moves.

Written Test?

There is no formal practical or written exam in the Zumba workshop. However, you will be asked to be involved in the different moves and to lead practical movements. The ZES will check your abilities, although no one is expected to master or become an expert in a single day or workshop. ZES will also assist individuals who are having a hard time.

If some individuals really find it difficult to cope with the movements, the ZES and participant will decide if it is really viable to become a certified Zumba instructor.