Advice on The Similarities Of Leadership And Influence

Being a leader entails a lot more than just self -esteem or confidence, it also aims to let others understand and know the similarities of leadership and influence. In order to be a more effective leader, it is knowing how to transform lives and opinions, as well as making an impact in the lives of others without people feeling offended or develop a sense of resentment towards your motives and intentions.

A leader knows how to turn adversities into opportunities for change and transformation, instead of it being an obstacle or hurdles to development.
Here are some common suggestions about how to become an effective and influential leader.

Always start communicating to others with sincere appreciation and recognition for achievements and successes.

Try to bolster it with exerting every effort to boost the other person’s reputation and respect for which they may live up to and protect.
If people commit mistakes, never try to call their attention directly to the mistake, but try to make reference to the mistake or fault by seeing it as an area for improvement or opportunity, rather than one that could embarrass or put them to shame.

When trying to emphasize a point, make sure to focus on every mistake or fault as an opportunity to improve and whenever possible, always recognize every effort to recognize or praise even the slightest improvement , never ever be too selfish with praise and recognition.

Always use words of encouragement if you see the need to sell an idea and should the fault or mistake is the focus of attention, try to consider it as something that can be remedied or fixed with teamwork and solidarity.
Always emphasize on the strong points and not the weak ones, strong personality or group traits are better motivators for driving change and transformation, rather than focusing on the weaknesses and create a sense of depression and negative vibes throughout the team.

Also be passionate with your sincere efforts and interests to correct errors, also stressing on the benefits it can do for the group and directly with each individual members of the team. Always make it a point to let others save face, especially when placed in a precarious or embarrassing situation instead of giving out direct commands or instructions.

Should you be the one to commit that mistake, never be ashamed to accept it or admit your fault in front of other people. It is a good sign of strength of character and personality that is unique in a person that embodies the characteristics of a good and trustworthy.

Make it a point to always remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and other equally important and significant dates, especially those of your team members and friends. This will create a good impression upon them that you are not only and influential and good leader, but also a good friend, mentor and shoulder to lean on.

Never ever tire of listening to others, even the slightest remark or the unsolicited idea should be brought to the open and allow the person to speak up and be heard.

As a leader, you do not only influence others to your way of thinking, but also serve as a good facilitator and mediator who is always in control of the situation.

You may be surprised to find the similarities of leadership and influence, after all they are somewhat co existent with each other.