Advice on The Self Esteem Test

Self-esteem is something we all have. Some have a higher one compared to others and if you know someone who has low self-esteem, you can help them change by handing them a self-esteem test.

One thing you can follow is the self-esteem test that is handed out by a specialist to a patient. This is made up of seven categories and it is only after that person answers it that you can find a way to build up their self esteem.

The first category in the exam is called procrastination. The purpose of the first section is to try and figure out what are the work habits of the individual. Does this person do things on their own or do they need a little push to get the job done.

The next category will determine whether the person is a risk taker or not. If you are risk taker, this means that you have high self-esteem and are optimistic about whatever life offers to you. If you have low esteem, you just want to play it safe rather than rock the boat.

Is it wrong to play safe? No but you have to remember that if you don’t do it, someone else will and you will probably kick yourself in the head if you found out that they succeeded in doing something which you planned to do yourself.

The third category will assess how well you cope with mistakes. Yes well all regret doing a few things in our life but have you moved on? Some people have and some people still carry it with them. Individuals with high self-esteem are able to overcome the failure in the past and get on the saddle again whenever they fall.

Aside from having regrets, the next category will check whether or not you generalize about a lot of things in life. When we generalize, we don’t give people a chance and stick to the belief that it if looks like a duck, talks like a duck then it is a duck.

But remember, each person we meet is different so whatever preconceived notions you have about someone are not real unless you give them a chance.

The fifth category will check if we have anger issues. What ticks you off? We all have our limits but some individuals are easily angered compared to others. The test will also figure out what causes it and so a lesson plan can be made to try and change that.

Some people can easily get along with others while some are shy which is why they don’t have many friends or have a difficult time keeping a relationship. The sixth category in the self-esteem test will determine how well you relate to others especially people you have never met.

Finally, the last category of the self-esteem will ask if the person is happy or not. Although self-esteem is all about accepting what you have and not thinking about what you don’t, some people can’t help but want more.

Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting more but you must never forget or take for granted what you already have.

After analyzing the self-esteem exam, you will more or less know what the person thinks of themselves and others. You can now figure out a way to change some of those misconceptions. You can talk to them or let a specialist take care of it. The important thing is that they change their ways.