Advice on The Media Influences Our Children

The media influences how our children think and act. Sometimes, they even follow what is seen in a show without thinking that this could be harmful if done to another person. This is why movies are given certain ratings and parents should monitor what their children watch at home.

One of the best ways to counteract the negativity of media is to watch with your children what is shown on television. If they have a question, it will be better if you gave them the correct answer of what a certain words means and if this is appropriate for them to use or not.

If there is something that they don’t understand, you should be the one to explain to them what is happening rather than having them interpret how such events happened.

Such things should not only happen for shows on television but also the commercials that are shown in between them. As we know, there are certain shows that promote a variety of products that claim to make a certain task easier even when there are already other gadgets that can do the same job at home.

When this happens, you should just explain to your child that what you are currently using can do the same thing so there is no point in buying a replacement.

There are also commercials that appeal to children especially if what is featured is a toy. After seeing the commercial, your child will probably want it since that is what is popular right now. When faced with this situation, ask them if they really want it or is this just a phase. Tomorrow, next week or even a month later a new toy will come out so such things come and go so they don’t lose anything when they don’t buy it.

If you are not around that often to watch these shows and commercials with your child, set a time that will allow them to watch television and make sure you stick with it. That way, they don’t sit on the couch after finishing their homework or during the weekends.

Aside from television, the biggest threat to children these days is the Internet. There have been incidents where some children have been bullied online by being a member to certain sites and clicking on certain links which lead them to porn sites.

To counter such threats, you should monitor what sites they visit and block them from visiting certain sites. You should also allot a certain time that they are allowed to go online or put the computer in the living room instead of the bedroom so you can see what sites they are visiting. If you are not home, use a password so they can only use it when you are around.

Taking the appropriate steps like talking to your child, screening certain shows and sites are the most effective ways available to regulate the amount of influence that media has over your child.

If your children doesn’t curse or exhibit some inappropriate behavior, you can say you did a good job in raising them but don’t forget that there are other factors which make them behave badly such as the influence that may also come from their friends. When this happens, you should screen who they interact with.