Advice on The Internet Has A Big Influence On Us

There is no doubt that the internet has a big influence on us. This is because we can use this medium to shop for items online, conduct research and stay in touch with people even if they are half way around the world.

Before the internet was available, we had to go out when we wanted to shop for things, go to the library to do some research or get on the phone to get in touch with someone. During that time, whatever we wanted was not available on our fingertips which is something our parents never had when they were young.

But has this made us stay in the house more often than going out? The answer is no because some of the items you find online are much cheaper when you go to the store. People still travel and go places even if they used the internet to make a reservation or book a flight.

This means that people are aware of the limits of what the Internet can do. After all, it is much better to see the sights for real and experience what it is like to be there rather than just looking at a picture or trying to see it using a virtual reality realm.

If people are not able to travel, the internet enables users to see each other live so they chat as long as they have a microphone and camera. The best part is that it is free thanks to such programs offered by Skype or Yahoo Messenger so you don’t have to pay a cent compared to the old method of talking to someone on the phone.

But of the different things that the internet provides us today, people will remember this medium for its quick ability to spread information.

When an event happens anywhere in the world, a blogger or a news service will post this online so you can see it from different points of view and you can even react to it.

You can write a blog or post a fictional story and if people like it, you will get more hits than you expected and your fans will encourage you to write more.

For those doing research, you will get up to date information about the topic much faster than the writer publishing the book and buying it from the store.

To keep the internet keep up with the times, the people who make the hardware that make up our computers also have to do their share to keep up with the times. Each year, companies like Cisco and Siemens come up with faster processors while other companies make smaller and smaller laptops and notebooks so we can have access to this medium regardless of where we are in the world.

We owe a lot to the internet which is why we can’t deny the fact that it has an influence on who we are. Without it, we won’t be able to trade with other countries since there are no business to business portals, auctions can’t be done and you will have to visit the local store even if a similar item can be purchased and delivered from somewhere else. But to make this all work, you must have a computer or access to one.