Advice On Pave The Way For Art During Kids Birthday Parties

Tired of the usual theme for kids birthday party? Then try an “art class type” birthday party theme for a change. This will work especially if the birthday celebrator and his or her friends are also into art and craft works.

Since kids love attending birthday parties, this is the best time to introduce to them the beauty of art so they will develop a love for it this early. Having art class as a theme is good for the young attendees because it raises children’s level of awareness of the art around them as well as the art they can produce themselves.

The art theme

An art theme for a kids birthday party can be easy to organize. All you need is a room where little tables and chairs can be arranged so the kids will have a place for their art pieces.

Art can be incorporated during the birthday party as one of the activities that kids can do while waiting for the food to be served or after they have eaten their meals and greeted the birthday celebrator.

Having an art class as a theme can also help parents save some money because they will just have to provide all kinds of papers and boardsconstruction paper, tissue papers, drawing paper, watercolor paper, poster boards, foam core, and others.

When it comes to drawing materials, you can provide paints such as tempera, watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, fabric paints and dyes along with palettes and brushes for the kids to use. Other alternatives may also include printing materials such as blocks, inks, papers, frames of all sizes and styles, and precut mats, kits, including a lovely book binding kit to make three Japanese style books, clay, paper mache, glues, paste and craft materials for collage.

To avoid too much clutter during the art themed party, make sure that you:

cover the painting area with a waterproof covering or old newspapers

provide an overall or old clothes to protect their clothing

instead of using stamp for block painting, substitute a small sponge, a ball of cotton wool, cork or tampon, or sliced fruits and vegetables

provide powder water colors since these are more preferable than the usual watercolors because you can control the amount your children need

make sure to keep the paints in small plastic containers which has a hole on top for the paint brush

use plastic egg cartons as palettes

add some liquid starch to thicken up the powder instead of adding extra powder or add liquid starch in a container and add some food coloring

If monitored properly, the art class theme can be the most memorable experience that your child as well as his or her friends or classmates could ever experience. Remember, it pays to have lots of patience when you use this theme because kids can be unruly if they start to have fun or mess around with the materials. When this happens, all you to do is to remind them subtly by telling them that they are in a party and they are not supposed to destroy the materials because the celebrator will be sad.

After the kids birthday party, you can give the artworks the children have made as souvenirs to one another or to their parents so these can be displayed on their respective houses.