Advice on Parents Influence Is Important

Parents influence is important as a child grows up. After all, they are the first people that will come into contact with them until they exposed to people in school and the outside world. But this task is easier said than done which is why parents have to exercise certain techniques that are proven to be effective.

When your child misbehaves, one technique to tell them what they are doing is wrong is the reprimand. Here, you basically call their attention and explain why this is not the proper thing to do. Whenever this is done, make sure that you maintain eye contact with your child and tell them that there are consequences for what they did.

Another technique that also works is called exclusion. Here, you tell your child to sit in a corner and then think about what they did. After several minutes or an hour, talk to them about what happened so they know why it is wrong and why should not happen again.

Sometimes not doing anything is the best technique to use on a child. This is because scolding them or calling their attention will just encourage them to continue doing it. Ignoring at times makes that type of behavior stop. Just remember to talk to them about it later on.

Parents, children and teachers have to work together should the child have a problem in school. The first to notice this is of course the teachers since they are the one who grade them in the classroom and if something goes wrong, the teacher calls the parent to come to school to discuss the problem.

Once the parents finds out about it, reprimanding the child is not the solution but finding out what is causing it is the proper course of action. If the child has poor study habits this has to be changed by removing whatever objects that distract the child from studying.

If they can’t do this, the parent can get help from the school by requesting help from the teacher to offer extra work after school or be taught by a peer. This should be monitored daily until such time that the child’s grades improve and they can work on this by themselves.

Reprimanding the child is not the only way to have an influence on their lives. There has to be a balance so if they do something good, you should give credit where it is due. You can give them a pat on the back, a handshake, and saying to them “good job” or “keep up the good work.” That way, they will know that this type of behavior is good and they will continue doing it.

The techniques mentioned especially when it comes to bad behavior is a change from the traditional spanking which we probably got from our parents when we were young. Such an approach goes to show that we can teach our kids right from wrong without resorting to physical harm which is detrimental to the child’s growth.

If we are able to exercise such measures, our children will be taught how to discipline their children when they too become parents. It may be 20 or 30 years before this happens but at least they are already taught at a young age that there are ways to influence the youth without raising a hand.