Advice on Low Self Esteem Solutions You Can Try

Feelings of low self worth have plagued so many individuals over the years. While there are those who suffer momentary bouts of low self esteem once in a while, how people perceive themselves and their worth is often an enduring idea. If you’re one of those who feel low self esteem far too often, you need not despair. Recognizing that you have a problem, after all, is one step in the right direction. Once you’ve recognized the fact that how little you value yourself is problematic, there are some low self esteem solutions that can help you in the process of beginning to develop greater love for yourself and appreciation for who you are.

First order of business, of course, is to recognize if you are simply having a chain of bad days or weeks, or are suffering from genuine feelings of low self worth. Some symptoms include withdrawing one’s self from the rest of the world, seeking to please other people at one’s own expense, feeling unhappy about one’s body and appearance (which can lead to some eating disorders), and neglecting one’s self. You may also worry a lot about what others say but put little importance on what you have to say. You may be expecting too little from yourself despite imposing impossible standards of perfection at the same time.

If these are the cocktail of feelings that you often suffer from, then the first step is to seek professional help. This is because trained professional therapists can provide an excellent avenue through which you can re-evaluate whatever negative feelings and opinions you have about yourself. This is the first step towards self acceptance and recognizing your worth as a person.

While you are working towards building your own self esteem slowly with a therapist, you will also benefit from trying to actively make choices in your various activities to inculcate a habit of self love. For instance, for every successful activity that you partake in, give yourself due credit. Make this recognition of your contribution to the cause more material by rewarding yourself. Have you scored well in an exam? Buy something you like, or eat somewhere nice to reward yourself for a job well done.

Next, eat healthy, workout, and sleep well. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a good step in order to begin appreciating one’s body, as it is one of the steps through which you are able to gain greater appreciation of yourself. You need not be displeased about how you look, because of the fact that you are very much aware that you are taking care of yourself very well. You will also find that eating healthy, sleeping well, and working out will contribute to your having enough energy to participate better in your activities and to simply enjoy whatever happens during the day.

Whenever people ask a favour from you, first consider if this favour will involve putting other people before your needs. You need to actively ensure that your needs are first met before you go around helping other people out. This will help you recognize that while other people are important, you deserve the same attention that you shower on other people.

One of the best low self esteem solutions is to participate in activities that you like. In the process, you may discover some talent that you were unable to devote yourself to previously. Dancing, art, music, or sports can help you find a niche of specialization, as well as an avenue for self-expression.