Advice On Kiddie Birthday Party Games For Less Than $5

A kiddie birthday party is not complete if it does not have games. If you haven’t planned this yet, here are a few you can try and the best part is that the materials you need won’t cost you over $5.

The first game that comes to mind is 20 questions. The questions you ask can be on just about anything but if you want to make this special for the birthday celebrant, write down 20 questions about this person on 20 cards.

To make it simple, make sure that the questions can be answered simply by a yes or no. Whoever gets the most number of correct answers, wins the game. This game can be played by kids age 6 and up. It won’t even cost you a penny since you can write questions on old paper and then get rid of it after.

Kids who are 3 years old can already play the game called Bingo. You just have to buy the set that costs between $2 to $5.

We all grew up playing the game musical chair so your kids should do the same. For this game, you need a few chairs and a disc player. The mechanics of this game has not changed so it is easy for the kids of this generation to get the hang of it. Just like the first game, you don’t need to buy anything for them to enjoy this game.

Another free game that will be great for the kiddie birthday party is the guessing game. As the host, you give out clues and then let the contestants figure out what you are describing. A similar game to this that will also use old paper and a pen is Pictionary.

“Bring Me” is another game that the kids can play. Whoever is able to bring the most stuff to the host is the winner.

There have been a lot of variations of the game Pin the Tail. These days, it does not have to even be a tail. You can draw a picture or cut one out of magazine and have people try to pin a nose or a tail to the picture. Whoever is able to pin it the closest is the winner. The cost for this game is $5.

Tug of War is another option. All you need is some rope and after dividing the contestants into two groups, whoever is able to pull the other team to a certain boundary wins.

Another cute game is by handing out water balloons to two teams and then having each one throw the balloon to the other team members. To make the game more challenging, the distance that the balloon is thrown get farther and whoever breaks the balloon loses. Your cost for this watery game ranges from $2 to $5.

There are many other kiddie birthday party games that you can let the kid’s play that happen to be better than Wii or any other electronic game. While some won’t cost you a thing, there are some games that will require you to spend some money. When planning the games, make sure you have enough prizes to give away.

This should include consolation prices for those who did not win so everyone goes home happy.