Advice on Influence People With Your Way Of Thinking

Many ask what is it with those who are with some individuals who are able to influence people with their way of thinking.

It’s not magic or mystical powers that make it possible, but simply on the fact that these people are more confident in themselves compared to those who are not, have good self -esteem and are able to adapt with the social environment.

Having influence over others is not rocket science and you may be surprised at how easy it is to win friends and influence other people, not just with the way you shape or mold their opinion, but also win them over with the way you think.

Here are some tried and tested best practices that have worked for influential and powerful people.

First, respect other people’s opinions or thoughts. Avoid making comments or telling people that they are wrong.

This creates animosity and does not carry a good message to others about how you carry yourself or how you are close -minded about things, especially with the way people think.

Always avoid getting into arguments and if presented with a situation where you may be tempted to do so, try to resist it in any which way you can.
Never ever try to get into a debate. Leave debates over to its proper forum or in the academic or political arena, but never in a social conversation or interaction.

Always try to start conversations in a friendly and accommodating manner, this eases up tension and creates a good first impression that will ultimately redound to you winning people over because you initiated the communication process that makes people comfortable with you.
Never ever regret admitting that you are wrong and always make every effort to let people know about how you can openly admit your mistakes whenever you get the chance to do so.

Secondly, whenever you try to speak your mind or communicate with others, make it a point to get the feel of what others also think so that you can win them over with your opinion or frame of mind.
Thirdly, let others do most of the talking and should you be the one to take the turn to say your piece, plan it carefully and always make it a point to listen when others speak, since it is a good display and sign of respect.

Always honestly and sincerely view things from the other person’s perspective, desires and ideas.

Be sympathetic and sensitive to their ideas and points of view as well.
Also, try to encourage intentions with nobler and sincere motives and ideas, if so, try to always be passionate about it and always aim for truthfulness and positive frame of mind.

Never be ashamed to be dramatic, even symbolic, about your ideas since it makes people more comfortable and subscribe to your ideas as also good or beneficial for them.

Lastly, try to always throw in a challenge or persuade others to create an opinion about your ideas, this is one way you could persuade others to create an impression or their perspective of your point of view.
So these are the ways how you could influence people with your way of thinking and always make it a point to be selfless, understanding, sympathetic or compassionate, rather than selfish, arrogant or inconsiderate.