Advice on How To Rebuild Your Self Esteem After A Tragic Event

We lose a part of ourselves when something tragic happens. This could be the loss of a loved one, a painful divorce or losing your job. You may feel that there is no point in living but if you are able to rebuild your self-esteem, you can continue living your life.

After a period of time, you start rebuilding your self esteem by first learning to let go. Along the way, the event which struck you the most will haunt you and it is okay to cry and feel angry. Once you have released this out of your system, it is time to open your eyes and accept the fact that it has happened.

When you are ready, try doing things that make you feel good. Perhaps get a new haircut, go on a long vacation, take a new class or start a business. You need a new environment so reach out to the world. By doing this on your own or with friends, you will be able to begin enjoying life again instead of imprisoning yourself in your own home.

If what happened was a messy divorce, just think that you now have all the time in the world to do things that your spouse did not allow you to do before. If someone close died, remember them for who they are and cherish whoever is still living. Should you lose your job like many are experiencing right now, look for work or try out classes because there are certain fields that are not affected that much by the financial crisis.

In order to achieve that, you must remember that you have something locked inside which is very powerful and that is the belief in yourself. Yes you made some mistakes but if you learn to forgive yourself, you will soon have a change in attitude and a different outlook in life.

People who have known you in the past will surely take notice of it and some who were not close to you before will be more than willing to approach and want to know more about you.

But this will not work until you are able to understand what you feel hurt and what you need to be happy again. One of the things that enrich self-esteem is the fact that you learn to love yourself so you have to find it because this is what will guide you to a goal and at least achievement.

There is a saying that goes, ” what hurts you will only make you stronger” and this statement is true because although one chapter in your life has closed, the next one is about to open. Sometimes we need to fall down real hard before we can get up ahead but this too shall pass.

You may be bruised or see a scar but you are still living and breathing so stop wasting your time sulking when there is so much to do in life. What happened yesterday is over and a new day is here. This is a chance for you to live again so seize the day!

Remember, you never lost your self-esteem. It was there the whole time and you just need to stand up, dust off the dirt and get the feeling again.