Advice on How To Influence Your Classmates On A Group Project

Don’t you just hate it when your teacher divides the class into different groups and tells everyone to work on something? Well this happens and there are times that you don’t get to choose who you work with and that makes the job more difficult. When faced with this dilemma, you should know how to influence them.

If it just so happens that you were appointed as group leader, then so much the better because you will be able to set the direction of how things will go.

But before you accept the position, make it clear that everyone’s grade is riding on this assignment and that if someone in the group does not do their share, then that person should not expect to get the same grade as the rest.

After brainstorming, it is now time for you to set a timeline and delegate certain tasks. As group leader, don’t forget to follow up on how each person is doing and if they need help, be sure that they can approach you and ask questions so they don’t feel lost.

Make sure when you are checking up on everyone that you say this politely because in the end, no one is higher or lower in the group. Outside the classroom, you are all students and you surely don’t want anything bad to happen to you as well should someone else be in charge.

If things are not going as planned, find out what is wrong and remind everyone that you have to finish the assignment before the deadline. If you have to stay up late and work after school, go ahead and do it because again, your grade depends on it.

Should you need to take a break, tell everyone to stop what they are doing and have some fun for awhile so everyone will be able to focus on what needs to be done.

After all the hard work, don’t forget to thank everyone in the group. Tell them that no matter what grade is given, you appreciate their effort.

Unlike in the work place where the project manager gets the credit, your teacher will probably praise the entire group. Still, if someone in the group gave more than what they were supposed to contribute, give credit where it is due because without them, you would have never finished the task that was given.

When you are tasked to do something in school, influence your classmates by making sure everyone is up to the task, delegating some of the work, checking up on them and thanking everyone for their contribution.

The task that was given to you is simply an exercise so that when you graduate from college, you will be able to do same thing with people you have to get along with at work. So make the most of it and do your best given the time and resources.

This is a good opportunity to show to your teacher and your classmates the correct way to influence people when such an exercise is given. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes and take chances. If things don’t work, keep it cool and get help from the rest of the group because their insight could be valuable since this is a group effort.