Advice on How To Influence Behavior In School

In school, it is inevitable that there is sometimes conflict between the teacher and the student or among the students. Instead of sitting idly by and doing nothing, the teacher must learn how to influence this type of rude behavior because it is something that must never be tolerated in the classroom.

If the student is failing in one subject and the students are making fun of this person, the best way to make an influence on the student is to spend more time with that student. This is known as hurdle helping where additional hours of work are done after school and this can be done with the teacher or with a fellow student.

The teacher is not the only one responsible for the child’s performance in school. Parents have a share in the load too so everyone has to agree on what should be done to improve the situation. This technique is known as a contract where all parties will sign an agreement stating that they will do their best to improve.

Included in the agreement is the student’s expected behavior in school and at home. So that the teacher and the parents know how things are progressing, a time line is set to see if such goals are achieved.

Should the student’s behavior be caused by other factors, the student can try something called antiseptic bouncing. Here, the student is instructed to do an errand so they can get out of the classroom and cool off. It can be something as simple as giving a note to another teacher or returning a book to the library so that person is able to calm down before returning back to class.

Perhaps the simplest way to stop a student from exhibiting bad behavior is to call their attention. Parents do this too by simply saying no but in school, students have to know what they should stop doing it. This is the beauty of direct appeal and the best way to make it stick in the student’s head is to thank them for not doing it again.

Similar to direct appeal is the “I” Messages. Here, the teacher is able to write down what he or she feels about the student’s misbehavior. This technique consists of three parts namely when the student misbehaves, how the teacher feels and why.

Another influence technique is Make a Date which is simply talking to the student after class. This will allow the teacher and the student to talk in private and try to solve the problem together.

Most kids watch television and what they see in the media has a strong influence. Teachers can also influence their behavior through a technique called modeling. This can be done showing a video, making other students role play, drawing or cutting out some pictures. For this to work, the teacher must know the person whom the student looks up to because this is the only way to get the student to change their behavior.

Teachers can influence how students behave in school. They can do it on their own and also with the help of the child’s parents and peers. If one technique doesn’t work, try another because if the teacher gives up, they have not done their jobs in preparing the student for the future.