Advice on Five Strategies To Boost Your Self Esteem

Do you feel like you are not your old self? This happens even to the best of us but there is a way to get it back. Here are 5 strategies that have been tested and proven to boost your self-esteem.

The first strategy is to change your body language. How we sit and how we move shows a lot about who we are. This is because when people look at you, they observe not only your verbal signs but also those that are nonverbal. The best way to show people that you have high esteem is sitting up or standing straight, keeping your upper body relaxed, smiling, keeping your chin up and breathing normally.

The second strategy involves recalling past victories. You probably experienced a few challenges as you were growing up but you are able to overcome them. Although the obstacles you may be facing right now are a little different, it doesn’t change the fact that you can also succeed like you did before so don’t sell yourself short and use that as a moral booster.

Now that you have recalled past victories, you can picture yourself achieving others in the future. This third strategy is known as visualization.

Here, you try to imagine what you want to achieve and how you will do it. One way to do that is to play some relaxing music in the background and then picture everything in your head from start to finish.

Studies have shown this increases the chances of you succeeding in something because it prepares you mentally for what should happen. You just have to do it when the time comes by performing in real time what you have seen in your head.

The fourth strategy is to think positive. If think that you can do it, chances are you will be able to succeed. To do that, you have to come up with a positive phrase and say this to yourself over and over again. When you think of the phrase, remember that it can something simple such as “I can do it.”

The fifth strategy is similar to the fourth but aside from saying you can do it, you have to plan what you are going to do first and then take the proper action. The first you have to do is ask yourself what you want to do. Once you know that, you can do some research to see how this can be achieved. When everything has been prepared, all you have to do is execute than plan and await the results.

As you can see, the five strategies to boost your self-esteem are easy. If you practice it often, it won’t be long that this becomes second nature. But aside from believing in yourself, don’t forget you have to put in some time and effort to practice what you are going to do.

You have to remember that no one won a gold medal in the Olympics without practicing or achieved a distinguished award in school without studying so that means you have to put in some time into it.

Self-esteem is something we all have. It developed as we grew up which is why it is higher in some and lower in others. If you want to do more in life, naturally you have to improve yours by trying one of the 5 strategies.